This is a response to a facebook post by Julie Borowski aka TokenLibertarianGirl here on youtube regarding the science of climate change. The original question she posed was:

"Do you believe that global warming is real? If so, is it a natural occurrence or man made?"

I've think I've tried to be as helpful as possible when it comes to providing a brief summary on some of the science behind climate change. However, other users such as Greenman3610 and Potholer54 have made SUPERB videos on the subject from a scientific perspective. Although I do hope that Julie (and other curious folks) take the time to inquire on the evidence and ask scientific minds on the subject, I'm not interested in a political discussion, but rather on the evidence of climate change. I probably didn't get to everything in this video, so anything I missed I'll be happy to correct.

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Skeptical Science - "Is there a scientific consensus on global warming?"


potholer54's playlist on Climate Change:

The video I showed at the beginning -
"The U.S. Government is the Worst Polluter on the Planet":

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