Muslim perpetrators radicalised by Choudary

They finally got the murderer Al Capone on tax evasion charges. Today in Britain there is another murderer Anjem Choudary, still free but there is a way to gaol him like the U.S authorities did to Capone. Choudary is claiming Social Security payments of about £25,000 a year despite the fact that he clearly has other sources of income.The prosecutors should charge him with this theft for which he can be gaoled for many years. Interestingly, Choudary would be liable to have his hand cut off for this offence under Sharia law.
Choudary has also used alcohol and other recreational drugs for which he should be flogged.
I don't think this former legal clerk with a junk degree will make it to the next decade.


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Comment by Napoleon Bonaparte on July 10, 2013 at 12:39pm

Laura is right. In Islam's Flag will fly over Australia - They think Choudary refuses to shake a woman's hand. Sentient Biped is on the ball too. The British media is sensitive to Islam and always denouncing the right wing. It's a throw-back to 1940 when Britain was the sole voice opposing German/Italian fascism in the world. Anti-fascism is part of Britain's identity. The problem is that the new right wing is a reaction to contemporary issues and has nothing to do with mid-twentieth century fascism. I like multiculturalism and anything else would be boring.It has succeeded in making Britain interesting and has powered the growth of Australia. Islam is the problem and the only solution is to close primary muslim migration and discourage large muslim families by stopping social security payments on lawful grounds.

Comment by Loren Miller on July 10, 2013 at 6:53am

Choudary is one of the larger horse's asses currently mucking up the UK with his fundamentalist islam crap at the moment.  That and the UK's misbegotten attempt at multiculturalism is creating a very real problem that is eventually going to have to be faced.  Civil law and shariah do NOT play well with each other, never have and never will.  It is well past time Parliament recognized that and took appropriate action.

Comment by Luara on July 10, 2013 at 6:32am

I got the impression of extreme sexism from the video where he was talking over the woman newscaster. 

Comment by Sentient Biped on July 9, 2013 at 8:48pm

In this video, I can barely understand Choudary.  Not sure what purpose the interview serves - maybe generates sympathy for the moderate British muslim. 

If I could get £25,000 a year for doing nothing more than being a jerk, maybe I should work on that.  It would be a helluva lot easier than what I do.

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