Facing Execution for Three Tweets

MANY THANKS to all those who supported this channel recently.

After a tense moment, youtube reappraised the situation and reinstated the videos they had 'impartially reviewed' as inappropriate.

Personally I think this would have gone nowhere without the overwhelming support of those who supported the message.

A dangerous game to play though for sure, playing hardball with the forum that can delete you channel and everything on it in a few key strokes.

Anyway, youtube reinstated the videos, showing what is tolerable as free speech on this forum. Risks were taken to make that line visible. Use the free speech that so many fought for!

Which brings us on to Hamza Kashgari, the man who is currently facing a death sentence over 3 tweets saying something particularly bland about Mohammad and religion.

I still find it sickening that a culture exists on this world today that has iphones and will still happily sentence people to death for tweets or behead them for being a witch.

Anyway, over this last week we had a choice of either to concede ground on the open market place of ideas or fight to preserve them. We fought, and we attained everything that could have possibly been hoped for.

Thank you!

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