Change of faith: Why young Brits turn from Christianity to Islam

The UK’s official religion is dwindling at a record speed, with the decline of the Church "approaching rock bottom," experts warn. While Christian congregations age, most British mosques are bringing more and more young people on board.

Public mosque services attract thousands of British Muslims, but when you check out a church, there are hardly a dozen participants at Sunday morning worship, RT’s Polly Boiko reports from London.

“The decline of churches in the UK is long term, now it just happens to be approaching rock bottom. So 95 percent of people don’t attend church on an average Sunday. Christian worship is already the concern of a tiny minority of people,” Andrew Copson, chief executive of the British Humanist Association, told RT.

“I think over time even the weak cultural identity that still seems to be associated with Christianity will banish away, probably all over Europe, not just in the UK,” Copson added.

The British Muslim population has surged dramatically over the past 15 years, increasing by 75 percent. According to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics, Muslims have the youngest age profile of the religious groups, with 48 percent (1.3 million) aged under 25.

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari, Honorary Chairman of one of the largest mosques in the UK, the East London Mosque, believes that’s because Islam’s family values are “really bonded, and families really try to nurture young people in the folds of Islam.”


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Comment by Napoleon Bonaparte on September 19, 2013 at 10:25am

Yes, the trick about claiming asylum is that the applicant must be in the country in which he seeks asylum notwithstanding he/she entered or remains in that country illegally. This creates a huge people smuggling industry as Western European borders are largely open. Conversely, the U.S and Australia guards it's borders.

Yes, the middle class left wing continues to support multi-culturalism in principle based on ideology while it is the working classes who have muslim neighbours and are in close proximity to them on a daily basis, hence the growth of the EDL which is a working class movement.

There is a jihad and muslims have not assimilated like other cultures who have immigrated to Western Europe. In Britain, for example, the government funds muslim organisations, schools, mosques and the augmentation of large muslim families through housing and extra welfare payments.

I don't think anti-semitism is an issue in Western Europe. The Jews are a small upper middle class minority who's ancestors arrived centuries ago and rarely come in contact with low class muslims.

Comment by Luara on September 19, 2013 at 6:54am

And because you are geographically closer to Muslim countries?  The USA also signed the Geneva Convention?

It's surprising that there are many people who claim that being swamped with people from other cultures - not used to democracy or tolerance, with a sexist culture - should be accepted in the name of democracy and tolerance! 

The implicit assumption is that the immigrating culture is a minority that will eventually be assimilated - but this is obviously not a good assumption. 

A lot of the problem in the UK might also be the publicly funded religious schools.  Dawkins made a video about that.  He was against religious schools because of the religious indoctrination and avoiding teaching evolution.  But it's also an issue of integration. 

If Muslims knew they could not keep their children separate from the mainstream culture, perhaps they would be less inclined to immigrate.

I wonder if anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe and the UK, because of Islamic immigration. 

Comment by Napoleon Bonaparte on September 18, 2013 at 8:32pm

The U.S, like Australia has a primary immigration policy which is selective and not all applicants are successful.

Western European counties are treaty bound to accept genuine refugees. With 10 years of war and upheaval in muslim lands there have been millions of refugees who have travelled to Western Europe and claimed asylum. Their extended families are then entitled to join them and they have a very high birthrate. They are generally unskilled, uneducated and rely on social welfare and social services.

It is probable that Western Europe will eventually have a muslim majority with the possibility of the imposition of Sharia law on native European minorities.

Comment by Luara on September 18, 2013 at 7:40pm

I wonder why it's happening in Europe and the UK but not in the USA. 

Comment by Napoleon Bonaparte on September 18, 2013 at 5:45pm

Yes, it is a scary cultural takeover of Western Europe. It's called islamification.

It is predicted by some that Sweden will be the first country to have a muslim majority with other countries to follow based on current immigration rates and high child birth rates.

If Muslim Turkey is admitted to the European Union, islamification of Western Europe will happen sooner.

Comment by Luara on September 18, 2013 at 4:55pm

That seems like a scary cultural takeover.  It isn't like that in the USA, the Muslims here are fairly well off and not violent.  Maybe Britain is allowing too much immigration.

Comment by Napoleon Bonaparte on September 18, 2013 at 4:19pm

There are hardly a dozen participants at Sunday morning worship at this London church service

There are hardly a dozen participants at Sunday morning worship at this London church service

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