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Gender Binary and LGBTI People: Myth and Medical Malpractice<br /> <br />


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Comment by Daniel W on July 4, 2012 at 9:18pm

Hi, Thank you for posting your discussion.  It's very interesting.  If I can add a comment (everyone's a critic) - If I had my druthers, I  would edit " XY or XX" to "usually XY or XX" since intersex can be XXY.  Rare of course.  I would also edit "normal sex differentiation" to "usual sex differentiation".   Sorry if that seems too politically correct - I really think your talk was interesting, and it was supportive and positive, and the later slides do make that point.   My 2 cents is just that, 2 cents!  I've  known a few intersex people - they have all been treated very badly, medically.  I think my brother probably has Kleinfelters but in my dysfunctional family it's not a topic I can broach.    Thank you again for posting, and presenting (I assume) your talk.  It's very impressive!

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