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At 11:49am on March 13, 2013, Steph S. said…

Some virtual flowers for you lovely Joan!

At 3:21pm on March 5, 2013, Pat said…

Joan, please feel free to use my comments about RICO.

At 9:49pm on March 3, 2013, Tom Sarbeck said…

In fifth grade in Guardian Angels Catholic School in Cincinnati, I was the only boy of the 20 or so in the class who refused to "enlist" for altar boy training.

My reason? I was pathologically shy and feared doing all the very public stuff that altar boys had to do. I don't know if I escaped what many other boys, and girls, didn't escape.

For years before the pedophilia news broke, I told all who would listen that the stuff that happens in Catholic schools will someday be seen as child abuse.

I hope a few A/N folk will visit the SNAP website and look around.

At 1:30pm on March 1, 2013, Loren Miller said…

Hey, Joan.

Found a video based on the words of Sam Harris and posted it here.  I thought it was pretty profound, but I'm hardly getting any views on it ... and I wasn't sure you had seen it so ... have a look, please!

At 7:35am on February 21, 2013, Dyslexic's DOG said…

Hi Joan, hope you are well and enjoying life.

Finally gained some time to look at your profile.

Nice pics , looks like you have had a very interesting life.  Far more adventurous than my own.

Might have to gain some lessons from you.

Most of my knowledge comes from books, you appear to have enhanced it with a lot of experience.



At 5:44am on February 19, 2013, Loren Miller said…

So ... how did you like the sampling of scenes I posted here of The Newsroom?

At 6:06pm on February 15, 2013, Loren Miller said…

I've got three really good clips for you of The Newsroom, Joan:

  1. We Meet Will McAvoy - Will McAvoy is the anchor for a CNN-like cable news network.  He's been letting things slide for the sake of ratings lately, but the reappearance of an old associate/friend/??? at a roundtable discussion at a college stirs the pot ... more than a little!
  2. McAvoy Lays It Out - With a new and young staff, Will McAvoy lays out for his audience that there's been a change in how things are done at their network.
  3. We Interrupt This Program - It's an average day in the newsroom when something out of the everyday happens, and the newsroom goes to work on a breaking news story.  It's worth noting, that the primary set for The Newsroom is FULLY FUNCTIONAL

And a bonus - The Best of Charlie Skinner, the president of the news department, played wonderfully by Sam Waterson.

There's LOTS more on YouTube where the above came from - enjoy, please!

At 4:41pm on February 15, 2013, Loren Miller said…

Joan, if you like the West Wing (obviously), and you dig Aaron Sorkin's work (and you have HBO!), you should check out his new series, The Newsroom.  It's excellent stuff.  If you DON'T have HBO, I can steer you to some YouTube videos to give you a taste.

At 11:46pm on February 5, 2013, Patricia said…

Thanks Joan, I know I can come here for worthwhile responses. 

At 2:32pm on January 22, 2013, Loren Miller said…

Joan, as always, you are more than welcome to reprint that last piece on Facebook.

Dumb question: since I don't have a Facebook account and I can't have a look myself, has their been much (if any) response to any of my pieces that you've put up?

At 6:34am on January 22, 2013, Loren Miller said…

Hi, again!

The muse seemed to like Obama's 2nd inaugural address ... 'cuz he came up with this.  I wondered if you had seen it and/or had a reaction.

At 4:14pm on January 14, 2013, Maruli Marulaki said…

Joan, you asked me about K.    He ? (the name sounded female to me ?) had joined Epicurean Atheists a few days ago and then just disappeared again only a short time later.  

At 2:29pm on January 13, 2013, Loren Miller said…

Joan, what is worse about the whole situation is that humans have the capacity to FIND answers, but a critical prerequisite to do so is to acknowledge that You Don't Know The Answer First!

At 7:58am on January 9, 2013, Randall Smith said…

Enjoyed your reminisce comments on my post. Have you read Nature Wars by James Sterba? It contains chapters on bird feeders and letting the cat out--pros and cons. Also, no chickens for me. I despise their actions. They're only good for eggs and eating (in my humble opinion).

At 11:13pm on January 7, 2013, Sentient Biped said…

Joan, here is my review of King Leopold's ghost.  You inspired me to read it.  Amazing book.  Thank you.

At 12:05pm on January 1, 2013, Sentient Biped said…

How are you doing Joan?  Hope you are well and keeping warm.  Happy New Year!  Daniel

At 8:11am on December 25, 2012, Loren Miller said…

Hey, Joan.

Ran headlong into a little something this morning and as a result, I wrote this.  I think it deserves your attention.

At 12:31pm on December 24, 2012, Ken E. said…

Thanks for the welcome Joan. I changed my name from FrustratedAtheistDad to this one to make conversation easier.

My frustrations lately have revolved around my in laws and their views on the holidays with my children. Although I have wanted to get in touch with fellow non believers the Holidays had a way to push me over the edge. thanks for the welcome.

At 8:24pm on December 16, 2012, Dyslexic's DOG said…

Anyway, Thanks Joan, I haven't a lot of time for this forum at the moment,

better get back to work and studies, it is 13:25 here in Australia, with lots of research to do on my computer and people to see.



At 8:20pm on December 16, 2012, Dyslexic's DOG said…

My avatar was just a bit of very quick fooling around.  I have little patience with software packages, so I whipped up an old photo and a couple of brush strokes to disguise myself a little and the Jehovah Witnesses think I'm the incarnation of Satan, so I added the horns.  Whole job took 3 minutes.

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