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At 6:23pm on September 11, 2012, Stormi C. said…
Creationism in science class?? Oh wow. Well I guess to make good out of a bad situation, I could get all the answers from my mother since she's a bible expert. (;
At 5:59pm on September 11, 2012, Stormi C. said…
That sounds about right.

Tennessee is full of all these Jesus freaks so I don't poke into what goes on. I just kind of stay in my own thing
At 5:29pm on September 11, 2012, Stormi C. said…
Tennessee is treating me okay. I just kind of get by. How's North Carolina?
At 12:43pm on September 9, 2012, Jenn Wiffen said…

I mainly consider myself an Illustrator who uses mixed media of colour pencils, markers, acrylic paints, and whatever else I can mesh to accomplish my goals. I have however done an apprenticeship as a Tattoo Artist for a small amount of time but that's a whole other animal all together as well as time in my life. I actually work a small job to make ends meet but on my free time I do my art whenever I can, as long as my hands are doing something artistic I am a happy duck which means anything like sidewalk chalk drawing to doodling the universe is the limit.    Hey and the Toronto Maple Leafs are awesome but to each their own homer team. LOL

At 10:10am on August 31, 2012, Sarah said…


Thanks for the comment. The Mormons are very passionate about "Zion" because when the pioneers were wandering out this direction they were searching for "zion" - a place they could marry as many women as they wanted (otherwise known as "worshipping how they choose") without persecution. Utah was dubbed "zion" by them, hence the "zion curtain" reference. :) 

At 10:57pm on August 20, 2012, Andrea L said…

Thank you. I'm not exactly sure what denomination I was (other than Protestant). In Guatemala when I was very little, I attended a somewhat conservative church called "Luz y Vida" (Light and Life) and my parents were regulars there. When we moved to the US, we started attending a Church of the Nazarene Church. Occasionally we went to my dad's friend's church who was a pastor. My parents don't really have a specific set of beliefs, so the Christian basics I guess.

And in the flask, I hardly remember haha! I'm a chemistry major and I like taking pictures of my labs. I just know that one had potassium permanganate and an anise-smelling liquid.

At 9:24am on August 15, 2012, Emily Howell said…

Personally, I like to go anywhere there is theatre, but my dream is to see a Broadway musical, like The Lion King. I am a big fan of the classics. Dickens and Shakespeare are at the top of my list. :) But I make room for books that aren't so classic either. It's good to have variety. :)

At 2:05pm on August 13, 2012, Elissa Bernheim said…

haha well you can turn things on before sabbath and leave them on, you just cant turn anything off and on and you cant "ruine the mood" of sabbath. we leave the lights on and the ac and heat and stuff like that. it doesn't make sense to me.

in jewish schools you study talmud (the arguments that the rabbis had to make the laws), the choomash (part of the old testament), the tanach (the stories about the kings and prophets...) and halachah (which are the laws themselves). we are also required to learn hebrew.

At 11:12am on August 12, 2012, Elissa Bernheim said…

haha well you'd be surprised how the tv actually affects the mood of sabbath. its really hard to explain. its like the whole day is just really really quiet and you get to spend your time and meals with your family with no interruption. however i have had sabbath in non religious houses and i dont think its any less meaningful when they have a meal together and the watch a movie together but its a different feel.

haha yea iv been to one catholic service in my life and i gotta say i dont know how anyone handels it.

as for school i went to jewish school which is double curriculum. school started for me at 7:45 and ended at 5:15 and i had 4 religious classes next to 5 secular classes with 11 periods in a day every day so..... i might have had it a bit worse. 

well if you consider that christmas was originally a pegan holiday and christians took it you might say that it was never "christmas for christ" in the first place.

At 2:14am on August 12, 2012, Elissa Bernheim said…

haha yea well thats why im like screw this. they would never eat in a non-kosher restaurant and there are even more complicated reasons for that. well the whole point is that sabbath has a certain restful mood and feel to it and the tv would definitely offend them even if they hadn't turned it on or watched it. haha no they think loopholes like that are stupid.

don't worry about it i like to be able to talk about the bullshit in the religion i grew up with. im so sorry, catholicism is rough, especially the church services. so much time waisted with that.

haha i plan on celebrating christmas and hanukah even if i dont find a former christian. its like six times the presents.

At 1:35am on August 12, 2012, Elissa Bernheim said…

well no kosher and sabbath aren't what i see as the "culture" of judaism. that would be the holidays other then sabbath like hanukah and things like that, that i would keep. haha well the aspects of kosher are way WAY more complicated i would need to not cook non-kosher food with the same pans they that i cook their food with or wash their plates in the same sink or dish washer and i would need a sink for milk and a sink for meat and all of the dishes and silverware would need to be washed in whats called a "mikvah" and have a preyer said on them and every food in my house would have to have a kosher symbol on the wrapper... its extremely complicated. well the problem with the weekend would be that from sundown on friday to sundown on saturday my parents wouldn't be allowed to use electricity and they would expect the same from my kids who would probably not want that.

At 12:32am on August 12, 2012, Elissa Bernheim said…

haha well actually its not as easy for me as you might think. my family is pretty orthodox in terms of kosher and sabbath observance so there is a rift being formed between us as i am growing up that is purely because, when i have a family of my own, they wont be able to do things with me such as eat at my house or spend the weekend with my children. although my parents are surprisingly rational people and accept that there is no real reason to think that a god exists, they still insist that it gives their life some meaning and are allowing these issues to occur even though they dont have to. with a christian family, even if the parents dont approve of the child's atheism, they are at least able to have meals with them.

At 1:49pm on August 9, 2012, Ava Wilson said…
Chai Po-Russki can also be sweetened with honey.

The Eagle Scouts for Equality are Eagle Scouts (current or former members that have received that honor) that have chosen to speak out against BSA's anti-gay position. Many have chosen, as part of their protest, to write the BSA council a letter enclosed with their Eagle Award with a request to terminate their association with the organization. Some gay scouts are writing similar letters refusing to give up their awards, telling the BSA to 'come and take it off of me'.

They have no actual association with any other group. It was started by an Atheist and mathematician, and Eagle Scout, named Samuel Bonin.
At 6:17pm on August 8, 2012, Jessica Chen said…

yep that's right. we just go through the church stuff, then afterwards we don't really go into discussing anything religious or whatever.

to be honest, the church I went to (in Wisconsin) was not bad at all. It was on Saturdays instead of Sundays, and it was actually a church for mainly Chinese people. If I was to go back in time and attend the church now, with the bible lessons, I would be bored to death and I would wish I could say that I don't believe any of the stuff (I probably won't say it anyways, since I'm so shy). but apart from the bible lessons (was separated into different groups, one for adults, one for little kids, like my little brother, and another for older kids), I actually enjoyed it. I liked how we got to watch movies afterwards.

but yeah, at home we rarely deal with anything religious....we go straight ahead to dinner, we don't "pray". my parents don't make us read the Bible....I don't think they have touched the Bible in our house for a long time...I wouldn't say they are atheists though, because my mom told me she doesn't know if there's a God or not, but sometimes she throws out comments about God, like she actually believes one exist. and she also believes there are good "advice" in the Bible.

At 3:42pm on August 8, 2012, Martina Ramos said…
It's hard finding same people out here. My Andy was the first out atheist I met and I've slowly been finding others, so it's not impossible. And nah I plan on staying here. While the people aren't the best, you can't beat country life. I love the rural environment and our tiny town.
At 2:17pm on August 8, 2012, northern lights said…

Yeh well, let's just say it's just easier not dating. Don't know if I'd relocate in the west, especially since most of it isn't English speaking. Maybe somewhere within asia or in africa - wherever it's relatively easier and english-speaking.

At 2:06pm on August 8, 2012, Ava Wilson said…

Oh, I'm not picky with genres in reading, anything but frilly erotic romances. I like a lot of non-fiction.

I do digital sketching mostly. I'm currently drawing an eagle for the Eagle Scouts for Equality group as a sort of logo.

Russian tea (Chai Po-Russki) is tea (usually black tea from my experience) with clove, lemon and/or orange, cinnamon, pineapple juice, and sugar. 

At 12:07pm on August 8, 2012, Ava Wilson said…

I like all tea, but I really enjoy sweet tea, apricot tea, and Russian chai.

Genres of . . . ? Drawing?

At 4:08am on August 3, 2012, sara 。◕‿◕。 said…

Hi Joseph P !

It was great to see your comment on my page , thanks for making me feel welcome :D

Have a good day !

At 12:46pm on July 31, 2012, Jessica Chen said…

my family weren't/aren't really religious, but you can say we were Lutherans...we went to church..but that was the only religious thing we really did.....

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