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At 9:37pm on May 3, 2011, Thinky Bitch said…
it's diet based :) means i'm not picky.
At 5:39pm on May 3, 2011, Melissa Carlile said…

Different strokes I guess on the music thing. I like a range of vocals and when they're especially brutal I think it's awesome. I do like something I can sing along to though.

As far as a fan base goes...we don't really have one unless you count our friends. Anyway I'm not worried about alienating anyone. If people are super impressed by girls playing music and only like us because of that feminine quality they can fuck themselves as far as I'm concerned. Demanding me to be feminine and have a "female voice" is sexist. Women and men should enjoy us because of the music we make, not because we are or are not a particular type of something. Eh...I don't know how to get it across without sounding like a bitch. This must be why we don't have fans ;).


Yeah I'll be working on quitting smoking soon. I'm giving myself until the end of the semester so it's one less thing to worry about while I'm slamming my head against the wall trying to fit shit into my brain.

At 4:20pm on May 2, 2011, Elizabeth Newman said…
I sowwy... *dejected*
At 10:53am on April 30, 2011, Ashley McGraw said…
yeah, i better stay away from Mr. Libertarian. i tend to be of the mind that libertarians are cranks at worst and unrealistic utopianists at best. not for me! FAAST looks more my speed. thanks for the info!
At 6:44pm on April 28, 2011, Ashley McGraw said…
thanks. i am not, but i would like to be!
At 2:42pm on April 28, 2011, Melissa Carlile said…

Oh yeah, and that nu-metal stuff is crap! I love the old stuff as well, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Slayer, Meanstreak etc. I really do like the screamy/growly vocals stuff though. I wish I could make my voice do that stuff, but I don't think I smoke enough lol. I've been getting into metal and really heavy, brutal shit a lot lately. It was never my favorite before, but I'm hearing a lot of cool stuff thanks to Pandora radio. It's the only stuff that'll block out obnoxious coffee rock when I'm studying at a coffee shop.


At 2:35pm on April 28, 2011, Melissa Carlile said…

I hear ya. Between school and work and everything else I have little time to focus on music. Keep working at it though, if it's what you love!


The umlaut is usually omitted when we type the name out. My keyboard is set up for American English and that's the only reall reason why. When writing it out we stick it over the 1st O every time. We actually have an awesome logo that our friend drew out for us that is on our

facebook page.

At 8:43am on April 28, 2011, Elyse said…
That's the best part.  He's in Kuwait.  He's not in any immediate danger, unless that government stops paying it's citizens hush money to not revolt.  The odds of him coming home in one piece are actually better than mine would be if I were to fly across country and back.
At 9:14pm on April 27, 2011, Melissa Carlile said…

Bingo. We tried to make the name Doers of it look German or Swedish (throwing random Umlauts in there) so metal kids would come to our shows and get their faces melted off. Hehe. It just causes confusion, which we also like. You are among the very few who have actually figured it out without help!


You're an aspiring comic I see. Do you tour at all or just do local ameture gigs?


At 2:29pm on April 27, 2011, Melissa Carlile said…

Well, yeah, it's the way to go if it works ;). I don't work with algae, but there are groups who do and I think that's a better option because it won't take up as much land. Our country alone has a lot of energy demands to meet, I wouldn't want to wipe out more forests just so we can grow the plants that would sustain our lust for fuel. I don't want to start taking the bus it's a tough nut to crack!


I think I did hear something about that microbe...can't remember though. I'll have to look around for the story. Sounds interesting.

At 9:08pm on April 26, 2011, Melissa Carlile said…
Yes, its compositional analysis of plant matter to make ethonol. We're basically trying to find different materials with which to make a commercially viable biofuel that doesn't use a feedcrop. My group tests switchgrass, sunflower, poplar etc for lignin content in the cell walls. It makes me sneeze a lot because it's a lot of handling of dried and ground up plant matter.
At 3:33pm on April 26, 2011, Elizabeth Newman said…
Not at all! In my personal opinon it is much better to be true to your own tastest even if they are considered not normal or not masculine.
At 8:21pm on April 20, 2011, Azel Praer said…
its part of my misleading master plan muaahahahah! thanks
At 2:38pm on April 20, 2011, Kyaira said…

Haha yeah don't I know it. The college I attend is actually right across the street from one of those mega-churches. It's really frustrating having these guys in my philosophy classes who seem to think that "faith" is somehow an argument for everything. 

At 4:02pm on April 19, 2011, Elizabeth Newman said…
OOOOOO!!!! I love Chobits!! Well really I love all of CLAMP's works.
At 7:59pm on April 18, 2011, Azel Praer said…
i will have to check the book out i only have seen the big budget move
At 3:35pm on April 14, 2011, Elizabeth Newman said…

Yeah. My computer sometimes does stuff like that just to piss me off. I've come to learn that my computer is a real bitch superior to all of the human race.

... and tends to take over my messages apparently...


It's actually a very well written manga though it ends quite strangely. I have to say it's one of my favorites.

At 9:45pm on April 13, 2011, Elizabeth Newman said…
It's actually a term young Japanese children (mostly little girls) use to refer to their older brother. I just read a really freaky manga called "Ibitsu". It's based on a Japanese urban ledgend about a girl dressed in Lolita clothing that is usually hanging around trash. If you pass her she'll ask you one question: "Do you have a younger sister?". And any way you answer it will lead to your twisted end. The legend's called "The Strange Lolita". I have pictures of the manga on my page. (sorry. My computer isn't replying in the inbox ^^;)
At 9:42pm on April 12, 2011, jo DeMunno said…
Who are some of the comics you like?     I kinda like Doug stanhope
At 8:31pm on April 12, 2011, jo DeMunno said…

Born and raised in Chicago...(the Italian way...haha) then Rome, Baltimore, Altanta and Alaska 6 years ago. I'm home. I love it here. Have you been here?

Tell me more about your comedy....


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