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At 7:14pm on November 14, 2014, Sheeva said…

Yes, it is something like that. Communications is huge. It includes diverse fields like journalism, broadcasting, cinema, advertising, public relations, social media, media activism, social change and development, political communication, crisis an conflict communication, social movements as well. It draws from a lot of different fields.

I am just studying social change with a focus on gender.

At 1:09pm on November 14, 2014, Sheeva said…

In Communications. I am focusing on communication for social change.

At 12:18pm on November 14, 2014, NaVi Da said…
I'm having problems replying because I'm trying to navigate my new iPad mini instead of using laptop, just saying.

My avi is some place in Europe
At 8:21am on November 14, 2014, Alison said…
Definitely small-town. I've been looking for atheist/secular/humanists groups with no luck. But I found this site so I'm still excited
At 11:19pm on November 12, 2014, NaVi Da said…
Hey, thanks for the head ups, I didn't notice my auto sign added my mailing address, not worried, it's not my physical address, thanks again!
At 6:32pm on November 5, 2014, Meghan Bryan said…

Hi, Thanks for the comment. Yes it can be difficult. Try discussing evolution down here..... It can be quite humorous.

At 3:09pm on November 5, 2014, Courtney Campbell said…
Hey! You left a message on my page awhile ago-the college is Liberty University. At the time I didn't know the area I live in would be disclosed.
At 9:39pm on October 17, 2014, Deidre said…

Thank you, Joseph P for the welcome!

At 11:50am on October 17, 2014, Adriana Martinez said…

I am really itching with curiosity on how, why, and what atheists think. I'm intrigued.

At 9:48am on October 16, 2014, Keri Hanselman said…
My husband was transfered here.
We have been here about 3 months now. We are from western WI area and it is strange to see more churches than bars.
At 9:36pm on October 8, 2014, debbie said…

It's fine. There are a lot of Northerners down here. I was a bartender/manager for 7 yrs, I can tolerate just about anything. 

At 1:42pm on October 8, 2014, debbie said…
Myrtle beach. No complaints here for the area. Moved here about a yr ago from Fl.
At 1:55am on September 18, 2014, Lindria Oosthuizen said…

Hi Joseph P, I hope you are well :)
Well, the situation in South Africa is pretty much the same as everywhere else I reckon. The religion I am most surrounded by is Christianity due to the area I am from (Cape Town). If I were in the Durban area I'd by surrounded by more people of the Muslim faith. Honestly, I don't know a lot of Atheists or Agnostics myself (only about 5). I am not aware of any movement in the country, however I wish there would be one as Atheists aren't received very well. My (Atheist) boyfriend's (Christian) father is constantly trying to convert me, and is ashamed of the fact that his son has an Atheist girlfriend. My boyfriend is afraid to admit that he is an Atheist so his parents only know that I am one. He mostly won't admit it due the amount of admin it would come with and he fears his father's health will (literally) decline finding out his only son is an atheist. He is very religious and mostly the only reason he ever leaves the house is to go to church.
We are quite oppressed and judged here, I am lucky to have open minded parents who do not judge me for my decision at all and actually encourage me to question everything.
I am not very open about my lack of religion, as I would be ill received and I also don’t want to have to deal with the admin of it all, and I avoid discussions of religion at all costs. However, I do dream of being able to express my opinions freely, but I do not like to offend people (as you probably know, people of faith can be easily offended upon finding out that one does not believe in a higher power) or cause any uncomfortable situations. I guess in this regard I am a bit of a coward, but I am a very reserved person and prefer avoiding any conflict as I am very respectful of other people’s choice to be religious.

At 9:00pm on August 17, 2014, Heidi Watkins said…

Wow! So many stories out there.

One of my best friends from college was married to a pastor and is now divorced. She told me he left Jesus before he left her. 

My ex husband is gay. Clergy was a second career for him and I left work on a Ph.D. to put him through it. A year into his first pastorate he came out to me. I divorced him five years later. His state authority found out about the divorce only after it was finalized. They asked him if I had lost my faith because they had been seeing a lot of divorces due to that. At that point I hadn't. I visited a lot of churches after the divorcce and the truth became clearer and clearer. It seemed to me that if this god thing were real that sunday morning wouldn't be the biggest part of it all. I was part if a quaker group for awhile but eventually let go of that as well. I looked into Buddhism but listened to what was basically a Buddhist sermon online and just ugh! Why a sermon?  I also went to a unitarian church for a few weeks and I think that was the most messed up of all.  When I was invited to a ladies retreat w promises of tarot readings . . . Well that was enough. 

At 9:22pm on August 1, 2014, refuseallgods said…
Stay well; I look forward to staying in touch.
At 9:13pm on August 1, 2014, refuseallgods said…
Phone typing is really daunting for any depth of communication, honestly! Glad you could write - my phone will be going out tonite-I have to invest in landline phone ($100!) but when I get to the library I will keep in touch. Thanks again for the super correspondence.
At 10:46pm on July 26, 2014, refuseallgods said…
and resisted in an unprofessionalmanner and the exsoldier got brlligerent (but npt dangerous) anyway the cops were called and he departed. Cops and mental healthworkers came by his home later, supposedly to iron out a few details was their pretext and then cuffed him and took him, in squad car, and six days later his atty got him out-now he is suing and has been obviously been psychologically iharmed. Bullshit for his golden years!
At 10:39pm on July 26, 2014, refuseallgods said…
Today was especially productive-I read through at least 20 court decisions to guide my research on a prob getting more and more prevalent all the time; I am referring to the abuse of involuntary psych commitment to handle someone who is a "problem". One such individual is a 68yr old vet who is an activist and clearly upset with the inaction given the concerns of his fellow soldiers. I am researching info for an amicus curiae entry on his behalf. He was cuffed and taken to a mh facility (it even madr the news-how's that for embarrassing?) after his congressman ignored his multiple requests for an appointment tp discuss these probs. The congressman felt
At 10:55pm on July 25, 2014, refuseallgods said…
This eve I have a sign of good will from the churchy people who hide behind the "good book" when they commit crimes against their neighbors-my apt. designated mailbox key hole has been filled up with silicone (the clear stuff you put around your bathtub)- so that any mail I have I cannot get to-religious bigots are no less corrupt in their bs than the dealer on the street corner. What does that say about thosr who wrongly put people away, such as Nifon-Nijon, etc.?
At 5:58pm on July 25, 2014, refuseallgods said…
I wanted to add that religious types have a spiteful knee jerk reflex when they deem to correct everyone who doesn't adhere to the "faith", and we of no interest are held to account for our "rebelliousness" when what we believe about a neutral subject gets rerouted into a debate over our secular viewpoint! The entire area of discussion we staryed with disappears as they recharacterize the encounter for an opportunity to proselitize! I have discovered that the more I've learned about legal reasoning the better equipped I am to place the potential argument on a dif level-otherwise the ludicrous statements I've heard would just make me plain furious, y'know?

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