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At 11:32am on July 22, 2014, refuseallgods said…
The term targeting I am referring to is a current trend of social harrassment which stems back to the days of theFBI. using various tactics to disrupt Vietnam war protesters. In my case I am being harrassed for whistleblowing over wrongful criminal convictions and civil rights violations of citizens. I am also "prayed" for so I will repent and stop my investigating on behalf of those taken advantage of. Thanks for your interest. Have you ever heard of this type of harrassment?
At 1:13pm on July 12, 2014, BT said…

Correct. I'm in Scottsbluff now but it's not home. I'm trying to seek out a community that makes sense to me.

At 10:22pm on June 25, 2014, Melinda said…

Thanks for the advice, if I go spiritual Buddhist I'll make sure to stay in the closet. ;)

At 11:36pm on June 8, 2014, Mary said…

Actually, most NASA workers live in Titusville. I don't work or go to church (obviously), so it's hard to meet people in general much less atheist.  

At 11:30pm on May 15, 2014, Scubagal said…
Hi, no I'm not a atheist i don't know where I stand at all right now I think I'm in a flux or limbo when it comes to believing in any faith etc. I hope that clarifies?
At 9:13pm on April 20, 2014, Janice Nash said…

The WWCG did believe that Jesus was literally the son of god. They were a little vague on the holy spirit, but they did preach three separate entities. 

As for the creation business, I just couldn't believe the SDA members actually believed the earth was only 6 thousand years old. That church has a lot of educated people, especially doctors. How can anyone have studied science so thoroughly and then buy that shit. 

About the guilt and shame...didn't you feel relieved after confession? I remember my Catholic friends joking about how long so and so was in the confessional booth. It was like a contest as to who did the most bad stuff. More bad stuff, the cooler you were :) 

At 6:28pm on April 20, 2014, Janice Nash said…

To answer your question about my wide range of bat shit crazy religious trip through life, my mother gave me a good dose of guilt and shame. She was always trying to find that one "true" religion that would tell her exactly how to live in order to "get it right". The two flavors of Baptist were just a side trip when I married my first husband and moved south. He was from Tennessee so his background was Baptist. 

The Worldwide Church of God came into the picture because they didn't accept the Trinity. Now that was a concept I had a problem with as long as I can remember. At the age of 10, I was arguing with the Catholic girls in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, about the Trinity. I kept trying to get them to tell me how Jesus wasn't crazy if he was talking to himself when he was praying to his "father", and how was his "father" in heaven if he was here. 

That church splintered so I tried the Seventh Day Adventists. The WWCG kept a Saturday Sabbath so it made sense. When I found out they not only bought the trinity but literal creation as well, I left the bat shit behind. 

It's been a long trip, but here I am in Western North Carolina and out of the Atheist closet at last. 

At 3:01am on April 19, 2014, Kandake Kush said…

Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm an ex super liberal Christian, before that I was a fundamentalist. It will take some getting used to - but it certainly feels free.

At 4:07am on April 12, 2014, Dina said…

it is really tough being an atheist here. you have to really lay low. you can't even tell your family as people take religion extremely serious. I'm pretty young for an atheist i guess. And i happen to know close to nothing about the political scene. I'm still figuring out how this place works :D

At 6:15am on March 17, 2014, Luna Saxton said…

Hi! Sorry...everyone's getting ready to get sauced for today.Amazed by how much everyone is so into it without knowing history. (My middle name is Patrice, after Patrick...Odd how most named Patrice are big guys from France)

To answer about MS, it does make you very tired. [At first, I thought I'd had a stroke or something] Sometimes I wake up and have numbness in my leg or can't see very well. I take Vitamin D for my yeah I'm getting up there with Dad & his pack of 24 vit/sup--NO way I'd take near that. I've got to eat better even though I'm small - it's hard to swallow at times. You can see it on an some foreign object is invading your brain. That's the best way to describe it. I was diagnosed as bi-polar at one point. Then when it was able to go to another doc: thought disorder. I mean, what does that even mean? Am I too analytical? Is that bad?  I'm of an opinion that one can have multiple conditions stemming from both learned & genetics.  Therapy helps but to get to the root of the problem/s would take too much time and money...And specific therapist for every issue. The most important thing is to find something you like and to use that energy to cope with one thing at a time. Truthfully, living in the now is the only way to go forward. OK, now I'm sounding preachy...:)

Most people don't know what I am. It's wrong (I know) but I used to waitress&if people from other countries/creeds asked if I was the same I'd say "Sure!" for tips.{Technically, I did really lie, really:)} My sister had red hair and dark skin, grey eyes when she lived. Me? I've heard I look like an Indian so yeah, I guess Asian does show a lot:)

Yes, I am lucky that my dad is open-minded.

True stories: My friend was molested when I was at school (yes, I saw it) & dad took him under his wing. The school just transferred Father Lenard to another parish. But my friend's married now and doing well:) I had another best friend (girl) who went to Rome to become a nun & (after finding out I was not religious)never heard from her again...another committed suicide because she was a lesbian and her family were assholes...Have more true stories but similar endings:(

My mother died too when I was 16 and she was the bible - thumper in my immediate family. Whatever god is not my shitty co-pilot! Actually, I was supposed to be baptized Catholic but ...I came out 4 1/2 mos earlier so they just grabbed the nearest Protestant. Cause of course, I'd sinned so much in the womb I needed to be saved asap! *face-palm* It's kinda funny 'cuz my doctor was too drunk which is why I was premie (Mar 6).

BTW Happy Belated Birthday Joe:)

Scientology is very sneaky...Well I don't have to tell you that. But yes it was for ONE hour session. And one was dressed up like he was in the Navy so probably why dad trusted them. The woman was like a robot. I def wasn't going with them to get reprogrammed. I couldn't stop panicking and it was funny because I read Hubbard's Dianetics and when he says "Religion is a great way to make money." I had to stop & lol. Piers could've written similar books and did they same thing: Can you imagine a Xanth religion?   I did like "Hassan" though I believe that was a collaboration.But yes, he's kinda pervy/odd (I don't mind) but my I've read them from the time I was 10 so....Is that why I'm messed up? I'm not a masochist--maybe co-dependent? (I'd rather be independent of course.)

Some situations made me weary of trusting others (child & adult abuse/rape). It makes no sense why I'm overly friendly.... But I don't want to give up on people as a whole...*Stop over analyzing brain!* :D

Right now I will go check out Terry Pratchett. I'll try to read as much as I can and get back to you with updates. After I try to pet the next door neighbors very large dog (he's barking outside). Thanks again! TTYL

At 6:10pm on March 14, 2014, Luna Saxton said…

:) It's funny cuz my dad was a Scientologist for like 3 yrs and he tried to get me help for anxiety by...paying $400 for 1 session! I left them and went back inside when they started talking about past lives and almost lost my s when they used that e-meter crap.  I'm lucky to have been in Catholic school ("Everyone's a heathen but us! Don't worry about your little friend he's perfect safe with Father Lenard...well not really.") & Protestant church("We're the same but they worship false idols & have Jesus hidden in the basement of the Vatican!").


It gave me an early glimpse of how ridiculous/dangerous religion can be. I think he was Buddhism after and then Agnostic then Pagan..Then New age...Good thing he's an Atheist now.;) But he will tell people they are stupid (like his fundie sis)--He's a lot better than me regarding tuning stupid stuff out and debunking. I wish I was um...less empathetic? But then I wouldn't be me.

We are so jacked up inter-racially ;D but I do know we have African American, Iroquois, Cherokee (think they come from same batch right?),Irish, Scottish,Portuguese and Chinese in our gene pool. Whew...!It's not fair that everyone's tall but myself and dad...oh grammy was 4'8".So I guess like all short people in history I'm supposed to be a bitch:D Cool! I just turned 38 and still get carded.hehe

I try to get to the local bookstore maybe every other month. It's cool cuz they sell used books & u can pre-order as well. I don't take med for MS cuz it makes me sick but I do take vitamins:) It's not bad just feel really old  sometimes { I mean} when it comes to getting around. I have not read the books you mentioned but will check them out. Thank you:)

If you want to publish your work when you get everything organized- there are online publishers (one's Outlook Press). I'm working on a autobiography/poetry book [for about 5 yrs]. You'll laugh(maybe?) but one of my favorite sci-fi writers since childhood is Piers Anthony. He actually wrote me back 2 times...I freaked out:0 If writing is your passion- don't give up on it, even if you get a block. I find that observing people/nature helps & music too. I really need to get outside more. Can't you tell?lol

At 2:10pm on March 14, 2014, Luna Saxton said…

I'm really short--4'11"....I don't intimidate anyone:D

I'm boring 'cuz I'm in the apt a lot and that sucks; but writing is not boring at all.  Oh I just started reading The Awakening of Intelligence by J.Krishnamurti....Just to get more sides. Ugh it's already sounding like Deepak Choprah (sp!)

But yes sometimes it gets really annoying and I can't say: f off. I don't want to stoop to their level ('cuz you know they'll start cursing too and freaking out over the most logical questions). PS: Going to throw this book away. Any suggestions on good reads? Thanks:)

At 1:49pm on March 14, 2014, Luna Saxton said…


Jehovah's Witnesses freak me out! They sometimes come to my apt...There were these two guys & I asked one what's the difference between them and Mormons? Or Scientologists? For *some* reason they got mad....At least they left. (yay!)  But yes it's weird in Carteret County...every second they talk about god in conversation. It' s like being the only one not drunk at a shitty party.

There's more churches than social programs.

I'm scared to go to doctors 99% of the time because you can't argue with them.

I don't know how not to offend them (esp if I tried to work when I'm feeling better- I have MS but it's not too bad. Also social anxiety/agoraphobia...but in thinking of not being able to interact with rational people on a daily basis doesn't help.:)

 I'm not a tech writer. But I bet you have great writings!:)

At 10:46am on March 14, 2014, Luna Saxton said…

Hey! Yeah I would like to move to another area but funds low now...

I'm totally boring! I write poetry and short a lot. And of course, am on the internet like way too much. I've got some medical shit going on so going out is limited a.t.m....

A question for everyone I guess: Has anyone been to the doctors/hospital etc and they try to convert you? Or refuse service because you're not a christian? One PRN referred to me as a witch and that I needed to get saved or something. I felt sorry for her because she was looking like she was going to be sick. It was as if I was "possessed" in her mind and demons (lol) were going to attack her because she was near me. And I'm crazy..>:*/

That has happened to me and I'm sure a lot of others so wanted to hear your stories. Thank you and glad to be here!

At 12:34am on March 10, 2014, Mary Brown said…

I've only been a committed atheist for about 5 weeks. The seed was planted when I really asked is it all bullshit? Google came up with George Carlin- "it's all bullshit." George Carlin makes more sense than religion. 

At 6:00pm on March 3, 2014, Lillia Sanura said…
Seems we understand each other's delayed responses, being similar in that way. With that many long hours under your belt though, it's extra understandable. It sounds pretty rough for you lately.

If email is your preferred method of communication, I understand. You can take your time a little more than with this method. If you want to exchange email, I'd be cool with that. Just let me know. I wouldn't mind a friendly communication every now and then. No pressure or obligation though.

What you say about the meet ups makes a lot of sense and sounds just about right and easiest for me. I went to my first Meetup for a local anime group recently, and it was movie watching in the local library, which suit me perfectly. You had the movie to keep you distracted and entertained, with a little conversation on the side, which was nice. Even got friended by a couple of attendees on FB. So far so good there, and I plan on attending more of those in the future. As for other local groups I joined, none of their planned activities has really grabbed my attention! but I will keep looking for one that suits me.

I wouldn't expect someone to drive a long way just to see little ole me, lol. Likewise, I wouldn't go so far out of my way for someone I barely know. That's kinda crazy and a bit unreasonable. I haven't met any local atheists though at the Meetup I attended some time back, mostly because it was more of a lecture kinda meet, more than a social get together. I have yet to try one of those, but without a clear group activity, it's a little intimidating. Still, I may try to work up the courage to give one a go when I can. I'll never know if I never try, right?

Cool that your writing fiction, and novels at that. Do you mind my asking what kind? Don't have to share details or anything, just a basic overview will do. I dabbled writing some time ago in collaboration with a close friend, science fiction based, and a few songs and poems. I wouldn't call myself particularly talented or prolific in it though, but I did turn out a few decent tries, I think.

You sound a little unfocused, like me, lol. I find it hard to stick to one particular thing. I've tried different avenues of creative things, like drawing (mostly), writing, crafting, and wouldn't mind trying my hand at clay sculpting and sewing sometime. I always wanted to be kind of a jack of all trades in art/craft.
At 10:54am on March 1, 2014, Stephanie Weeks said…

Boone is one of the most liberal (religiously and politically) areas of North Carolina which is one of the reasons I decided to go there ! And yes, we were targeted go make voting not as easy for us liberal college students. The town is actually conservative but pur university is very liberal and full of hippies haha.

At 6:08pm on February 16, 2014, Tricia Peterson said…

Hi Joseph, Thank you for the kind Welcome note. I'm looking forward to finding people I can relate to =)

At 7:00pm on February 11, 2014, Erin Mikkelsen said…

I was actually hoping to find an atheist/freethinkers meet group in my area. I'm originally from Northern Minnesota. I have been in Wisconsin for almost 2 years now and I haven't been able to find much of anything. Thanks for the welcome!

At 5:31pm on February 1, 2014, Lillia Sanura said…
Heya, sorry for the late reply.

I see what you mean about the social aspect of this site. I guess it would be fine for some online chatting here and there, but not so great for meet ups. I joined a local atheist group on meetup the same time I joined this group, and so far have only attended an educational lecture that was very interesting. I have yet to attend one of their more social meet ups. I tend to be a bit of a wallflower, so if I do get around to one of those, it's a fingers crossed and see how it goes type of deal for me.

My dad used to do some mechanical drafting if I recall correctly. You're right, it's not the same thing, but is interesting nonetheless, and entails some amount of skill as well, I wager.

Writing is very interesting. I used to have a friend who was very creative and good with her writing, and we used to collaborate her writing and my drawings. She inspired me to learn how to write a bit myself, though that is not my main interest/skill. If you don't mind my asking, is it fiction or nonfiction? I hear you on the inertia thing, and I understand a stressful job will definitely take some of the wind out of one's sails. I've been thinking of trying to sell some of my art and some crafts online for a while now, but still haven't mustered up the motivation and energy for it yet. Mostly I'm just trying to sort my life right now.

That's cool you're a musician, and that's an impressive list of instruments to have learned. I remember wanting to learn guitar and piano when I was younger, though I never did get around to it. And it is true when they say if you don't use it, you lose it. I also tend to get kinda rusty in drawing if I don't do it for a while, like say a year, and have to relearn a little when I pick it back up again. I'm sure if you really wanted to you could, though electronic composition could certainly be rewarding in it's own right as well.

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