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At 10:02pm on July 15, 2008, Amanda said…
How are you doing? Never got around to answering your last question. I came out to my parents about a year ago, shortly after I met my boyfriend. He helped me feel confident enough to just say it and stop hiding. My dad was and still is angry/disappointed and my mom just tries to ignore the whole thing. Overall we don't bring it up, though my dad has already "threatened" my future offspring to be told about the loving Lord Jesus.. blech!!
At 1:22pm on July 13, 2008, vjack said…
I haven't seen "Friends of God" yet. I may have to check that one out. There's always "The God Who Wasn't There." It was worth watching, and some of the interviews on the DVD that they cut from the film were interesting. I'd certainly like to show it to a room full of Christians.
At 12:51pm on July 13, 2008, vjack said…
I saw "For the Bible Tells Me So" not that long ago too. I found it more sad than scary
(unlike Jesus Camp). You are absolutely right to recommend it. Certainly worth watching.
At 10:24am on July 13, 2008, vjack said…
Excellent point! I am still trying to repress the traumatic experience of watching "Jesus Camp."
At 9:20am on July 13, 2008, vjack said…
That is so funny because I had almost the same experience! I got dirty looks from the woman who had to help me find the book, and then the cashier refused to make eye contact. These fundies must go to a training camp to learn how to be rude to atheists or something.
At 9:10am on July 13, 2008, vjack said…
Yeah, the only way I can keep up is to use a reader like you describe. Even then, it isn't always easy. I haven't read "I Sold My Soul on eBay" yet, but I'm sure I'll get to it. It has to be one of the few atheist books I haven't read. I hear you about the Dawkins book. I had way too much fun buying "The God Delusion" in a local bookstore.
At 8:59am on July 13, 2008, vjack said…
I believe I first heard about Atheist Nexus from Friendly Atheist. You would not believe how many atheist blogs I follow! Thanks for the kind words about my blog. It is one of the ways I keep my sanity while being surrounded by Christians.
At 6:15am on July 13, 2008, vjack said…
Good to see another atheist in the Bible Belt. I think there are way more of us than many people realize. Your description of "social suicide" is sadly appropriate.
At 8:45pm on July 12, 2008, Amanda said…
Took a listen to Lily Afshar... She's great! Thanks for the suggestion! :)
At 7:45pm on July 12, 2008, Amanda said…
There is an atheist community in Fresno which is like 45 mins north from me but I haven't gone to any meetings yet even though I'm a member (schedule conflicts + gas prices). Thankfully I also have a proud atheist partner who I can share thoughts with. It's just frustrating to not have many female friends who can think past boys and shopping. I mean, I have one friend who is more open minded but I just don't feel like I can be 100% honest without offending. I take it you haven't met many atheist girls to be friends with?
At 4:35pm on July 12, 2008, Garrett said…
According to this guy, http://youtube.com/watch?v=cxby4Qa5nUM , and this guys, http://youtube.com/watch?v=HU5RmaamnRM , we aren't good for anything.
At 4:29pm on July 12, 2008, Garrett said…
Thanks Kaye. What a prompt welcoming committee!
At 3:39pm on July 12, 2008, Amanda said…
Sounds familiar. My brother and I are probably the only non religious people in our family but he is more "spiritual" so my parents don't even flinch. For me however, since I was so adamant about my choice they were very upset. My dad was and still is angry and doesn't like talking about it at all except to say that God will do this for me and that for me. My mom is mostly shocked and confused. Thankfully I have a great boyfriend that shares my world view so I don't feel totally alone. But I dont have any atheist friends. What kind of atheist community do you have where you live?
At 3:34pm on July 12, 2008, Joel H said…
Tis the season. I need to go out in the woods for some camping ASAP. I am a designer so i know what you mean about being inside all the time... but I kinda like the rain too.
At 2:59pm on July 12, 2008, Joel H said…
Well, humidity not so much, but Portland is in full summertime swing! Blue skies and late nights. You have to get it while you can up here though - in 3 months the rain clouds roll back in! I guess thats the payoff for having perfect summer weather. :) I do miss the Georgia summer thunderstorms!
At 2:38pm on July 12, 2008, Joel H said…
Thanks! I notice you live in ATL! Hope its not too hot down there! I grew up in Athens. Here in Oregon we dont get those pesky mosquitos!
At 2:16pm on July 12, 2008, Dane said…
Likewise, I'm happy to meet some rational people myself.
At 2:04pm on July 12, 2008, Dane said…
Well from one "radical" to another, hello and welcome.
At 2:03pm on July 12, 2008, Chris Morse said…
May I be first to welcome you to the Nexus.
At 2:03pm on July 12, 2008, Amanda said…
Glad to hear you are not afraid of letting your position be known! I worry sometimes how my atheism will affect my career in the future. I want to be an elementary teacher. It's disappointing to think that I may have to supress my beliefs in order to keep my jobs and kids' parents off my back. How have your parents reacted to the news?

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