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At 3:42pm on December 11, 2008, Trey said…
Thanks! I really look forward to talking to people just like you. Oxford. Wow how long have you been teaching there?
At 9:46am on December 10, 2008, Dustin Gibbs said…
Thank You, finding like minded people is easily the most refreshing thing for me.
At 8:53am on December 9, 2008, Clive Tooth said…
Hmmm... Dr Menace Entered, why do you want me to be your friend?
At 3:31am on December 9, 2008, Rick said…
Howdy from Texas. Thank you for the greetings and welcome. I'm a graduate of Texas A&M University, located in College Station, Texas. I received my degree in History and minored in Business. I was fortunate in that with an undergraduate degree in History you essentially choose half the classes yourself to receive your degree.
I took a variety of classes. From science to engineering. I even saw Mrs O'Hare speak once. I had heard she was a colorful speaker and it was true. She was also very well educated. I honestly believe that she spoke that way just to get the "other side" all up in arms. If that was the case, it worked.
But I also realized that, "in the tween the two shall never meet." At least not in our lifetime.
At 4:29pm on December 4, 2008, Oisin said…
At 3:57pm on December 2, 2008, Jeff Craft said…
My wife is the same way - if she's in a shop and the total comes to $6.66. she will buy something else. Poor little Nazarene.

Me - I shoot for that total.
At 3:56pm on December 2, 2008, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Ah number 666, this is one of my favourite numbers.

It displays an attractive symmetry.

Each 6 is an elementary one-turn spiral, and the triple spiral was the mark (inferentially, when I have my archaeological hat on) of pre-christian Neolithic-Age female deities. viz. the triple goddess.

Christians of course hated the pre-existing female divinities, and resolved to eliminate them by empowering their patriarchal church system to do so.

A godbot told me recently that he would never buy an auto with 666 on it. He was terrified at the superstitious thought, and told me that by accident a friend of his, some years ago, had, without noticing, bought such a vehicle--and very quickly got rid of it again. Delete Comment
At 3:11pm on December 2, 2008, Jeff Craft said…
Thanks for the welcome. I'll wander about and see what questions I can find.

Is there a prize for being member 5k? :) Or was that for member 666?
At 2:12pm on December 1, 2008, jason said…
Thank you very much. I will find it and read about it.
I do admit that I have a lot to learn... I also know that it will always be that way with math and science.
If you don't mind, will it be alright to ask you questions and bounce ideas off of you when I have them?


thanks again jason
At 6:54am on December 1, 2008, Enthusiastic Ocean said…
My Avatar picture is from Flowerpot Island on Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada. But I am not aware of any the original names for it. A quick Google didn't turn anything up, either.
At 9:41pm on November 30, 2008, D. G. Seaton said…
Thank you for the welcome. I hope this space is a great source of communication and community.
At 6:57pm on November 30, 2008, Daniel W said…
Thanks for the invite, Terry. I'll be looking around the site to learn my way around. So far it's very interesting. Wish I'd found it sooner!

At 5:50pm on November 30, 2008, xrayman said…
Thanks............What kind of Dr. are you?
At 3:08pm on November 28, 2008, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Thanks Gary. Yours is quite a good answer (and it sounds a bit like Oliver Hardy).

My version of the answer to the question, "what did one strawberry say to another"

"If we hadn't been in that bed together, we wouldn't be in this jam now."
At 2:47pm on November 28, 2008, Gary A. Gabbard said…
Look what a jam you've gotten us into.
At 12:01pm on November 28, 2008, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
That's fine, ITJ.

Try running up the screen, on the left hand side, and click on

This group actively searches to answer the most important questions that freethinkers encounter-----about the origins of everything.
Cheers, Terry.
At 11:16am on November 27, 2008, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
You speak well, K Paul.
And it must be difficult for you living, as you say, in Billy Graham-ville, or in any bible-belt town.

The deeply indoctrinated will never be overcome. Our hope is to discuss openly and intelligently with those who are clever enough to start doubting the religious lies with which they were indoctrinated--usually when young.
Our deepest sadness is for children, trapped by religious parents and further ensnared by school and church.
Meanwhile, let's all help Nexus to do a good job.
At 10:53am on November 27, 2008, k paul blume said…
Thank-you, sir. Today, after the latest goddite atrocity in India, was the proverbial 'tipping point' for me. I wear the scarlet 'A' -- even at work -- and have been openly atheist for several decades now but recently have felt a need both to do more to combat the amoebic idiocy of religion and know I have somebody (or better, a lot of somebodies, preferably smart somebodies ) at my back, as it were.
I am, after all, living in Billy Graham-ville...though for how much longer, I can't say.
At 8:51pm on November 25, 2008, A.Ou said…
Hello, and thanks for the comment on my page! I think Laplace's famous reply succinctly captures the essence of atheism - there's simply no reason to worship a "sky daddy", especially when science and rationalism has given us a much better worldview.

P.S.: Actually, A.Ou is simply a shortening of my real name, distinct enough to be recognizable by friends while retaining some element of anonymity. As a high school student taking French, though, I sometimes have people wondering why my name contains a French word. :)
At 6:11am on November 24, 2008, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
India is a fine country and the people too, but religion and astrology make some of the believers think strangely—but probably no worse than the deluded religionists of the west. You have done well to escape its grip. Science holds all the answers. It is up to the scientists among us to answer all the questions. It is one reason why I started the Nexus group ORIGINS. How did everything begin?

We debate origins of life, Earth, humanity, religion, atheism, using rationality, commonsense, evolution, Darwinism, cosmology, geology, archaeology and science to reject religious nonsense…

Join, read, enjoy and contribute.

In the course of time we hope to cover aspects of most matters regarding 'fundamental origins' that interest the rational open minds of intelligent freethinkers.

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