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At 5:34am on November 8, 2011, Reason Voyager said…

Hi :)

Yes. It was very good. It would have to be terrifying to be pregnant in the world of zombies.

P.S.  I am not sure if I could ever drink well water again :)

At 8:50pm on November 7, 2011, Mriana said…
Thanks and I'm having an OK week so far.  I can't complain too much at least.
At 6:53pm on November 7, 2011, Loren Miller said…
Hey, Steph!  Saw your comments and chipped in here and there as well.  Thanks for your attention!
At 4:29pm on November 6, 2011, Pixy Giggles said…
LOL Both of those are funny! There's so many great cat photos out there.
At 2:38pm on November 6, 2011, alexa penzner said…

hi steph - i love that picture thanks :]  i am flattered to say the least :)

the 'high priestess' of my circle did like my writing, which was good, since it was my first time.  the samhain night was interesting - the H.P. called to Hecate and we did a witches' dance like i used to read about - it was funny to be really doing one. we each 'communed' with someone who had passed on and picked a tarot card.  mine said my mom was 'home'. i couldn't believe that i got that. it was exactly what i needed to hear. i don't believe everything my circle does, but the people are great and i need to 'touch' the earth with others. hope you had a great night, too.


btw - i love black cats (and animals for that matter - i don't know why). i had my first for 18 years. now i have three - 2 girls and a boy (and one striped silver cat). i think they are so beautiful. i've heard that some people refuse to adopt them because they think they're bad luck. 

At 2:15pm on November 6, 2011, Reason Voyager said…

It is very cool that we like the same things!

I did not know about the comics. I bet the illustrations are great! :)

The twist on the last episode was harsh. I wonder if he will every reveal that secret?

At 2:14pm on November 6, 2011, Loren Miller said…
Meow, baby!
At 2:12pm on November 6, 2011, Steph S. said…

At 1:16pm on November 6, 2011, Reason Voyager said…



Do you like AMCs The Walking Dead? I really enjoy the human story behind it :)

At 12:59pm on November 6, 2011, Loren Miller said…
You are aware, of course, that if the cat you put up on my comment board is male, you just gave me a Peeking Tom, right?
At 8:49am on November 6, 2011, sk8eycat said…

OH!  What a sweet little kitty face!

It started raining softly again about half an hour ago, I'm hoping some of it comes your way in a couple of days.

PS: I am SEW DUM!  I forgot that we are finally rid of Daylight "Saving" Time today, forgot to reset my clocks, and woke up at some ghastly hour.  Ew.  (Nobody has ever given me a rational answer to the question, "What are we "saving" it FOR?") I hate DST.

At 8:14am on November 6, 2011, Daniel W said…
you have a nice weekend too!
At 9:20pm on November 5, 2011, Scott said…
Here you go Steph  Halloween at DET K!
At 6:43am on November 5, 2011, Clarence Dember said…
November already!? I wish I could teach all cats to cuddle. At least my Parker knows the deal too!
At 6:58pm on November 4, 2011, sk8eycat said…

LOL!  Well, I'm not having a PhotoShop Bad Hair Day, that's fur shurrre. 

We've been having a lovely light rainfall, interspersed with sunshine.  I'd send y'all some of the rain, if I knew how.  (When the sun came out, I looked for a rainbow, but I guess the angle was wrong, or it wasn't raining in the right place.  *shrugs*)  My copy of Freethought Today arrived this morning, so it's been a perfect day for curling up with that, and a warm kitty. (Pumpkin isn't cuddly, but Jerry definitely is.)

Have a good weekend, and I do hope this light rain keeps its act together and makes it to Texas in a couple of days.  Just don't let Perry take the credit for it if you do get some rain.


At 7:58am on October 30, 2011, Round Peg said…
Well, happy halloween :)
At 4:16pm on October 29, 2011, Pixy Giggles said…

Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind words! Cats are like potato chips. You can't have just one! LOL

Although having 5 cats is A LOT of work, I wouldn't trade them for the world. I've been hunting for that perfect vacuum cleaner for over a year, now! A good vacuum makes all the difference in the world, haha!

At 7:31pm on October 28, 2011, sk8eycat said…

O, hai!  And thanks for all the notes and things.  I haven't been very "chatty" lately (when you get past a certain age, birthdays get to be rather depressing, and it's also bill-paying time, so I've been avoiding the computer altogether), and now I'm scrambling to catch up.  Love the little black cat GIF, and the hamster card, too.  Thanks!

I think if you go to my Profile on the Cheezburger site, and click on "My Pics," you'll find some old B&W publicity shots from Holiday.  In one of them, all the boys are dressed in what looks like Lederhosen; Bill Blackburn is the one closest to the camera. I'm not in the photo at all...they were taken before I joined the show.  Meh.

Have a happy Caturday...I just got the detailed instructions for cleaning and sterilizing the Cat Fountain, and I'm probably going to be wrapped up in that for quite a while in the morning.

Oh...Harry Potter movies....I've seen the first two or three, but only really liked the first one.  Did NOT like all the yelling and screaming in the "flying car" sequence in #3 (?) when he and Ron missed the train. (Never liked Dobby much, either.)

At 6:41pm on October 28, 2011, Steph S. said…

At 3:50pm on October 28, 2011, Pixy Giggles said…
Thanks, Steph! Your slideshow is awesome! Found you on, too. That is one site I can always count on for a good laugh. :)

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