Wine tasting, and a few other thoughts

Yesterday, I went to a wine tasting at the grocery store.  It was from a couple of wineries just outside of the St. Louis, Mo, area.  I love tasting wines, and all of them were interesting.  I remembered more of the wine facts from culinary school than I expected to. 

Anyway, it has been a busy week around my house, even though I didn't get to work at the deli this week.  I worked in the yard, and I went for a ride on the back of a bike earlier in the week.  My back was killing me, but it was still fun.  I also worked on some story ideas, and a little character development.  I may or may not ever write for anything but my own enjoyment, but that is enough for the time being. 

But, I also want to try and find something related to food that I can do.  I seem to be missing what I really want to do by "just this much".  It is pretty frustrating.  I keep hearing a voice telling me that I have wasted my time, and will never amount to much.  I realize those are just some sort of fear of failure, so I try to not listen, and figure out what to do.

I wish I could have gone to the Reason Rally.  It looked like it was a good time.  I think we all need to find ways to get together more than once a year.  I noticed that there are several events scheduled in different places, and that should be part of it too.  What made me a little sad is that the Rally got very little attention in the mainstream media.  Sure, some religious news talked about it(it seemed mostly negative in the reports I saw).  And, of course, atheist news showed as much of it as possible.  But, it really seems it was still somewhat invisible.  So, I guess we cannot give up, and keep trying to be seen.

It seems lately, there are a lot of people believing all atheists are negative, or angry, and that WE do not listen, or are on the attack.  I so would love to have shown the video I saw of AronRa talking to the christians.  That was anything but an attack, and I really saw no hostility there.  Both sides were pretty peaceful, and it was totally awesome.  Wish more of those sort of things were seen by those who don't seem to like us.

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