Two thousand year fight against democracy and modernism

So a God that made this 17 billion year old Universe that is 96 - 156 Billion or so Light years across, well the bits we can see, sent his boy down (as an itinerant Jewish preacher no less) to an infinitesimally small rocky planet orbiting one of Billions of stars in one of billions of Galaxies to tell one small tribe of humans that once they have strung up his boy (or himself) they will be saved when he comes back. Mmm Oh and to create another religion out of the old one fragment it as much as possible through internecine  genocidal rampages , some to worship  Gods boy on a stick others just the torture device itself, slaughter as many non-believers as you can and maybe kill and torture some Christians if their fragment of Christianity is smaller than yours (God will recognise his own) whilst you are waiting and stopped killing write another book, add it onto the old one translate it into lots of languages chop and change it to suit, (as it keeps the atheists busy trying to keep up with all the amendments) and don’t believe a word of science or any other reasonable explanation and make sure all God’s team leaders are treated like Gods (infallible etc.) after all they make policy for God and speak to him ‘honest’.  Blame all natural disasters as the result of non-believers annoying God and accept some collateral damage because after all Gods work in mysterious ways. When asked for proof by pesky atheist types, quote some totally meaningless passage from the Bible or roll about speaking in tongues (this scares the hell out of them) then in the most flesh cripplingly sanctimonious greasy manner say to them “I’ll say a prayer for you, have a nice day” This will make any religious fearing atheist feel they have just had a 3 dimensional hyperbolic paraboloid rammed up their backside.  Don’t forget to take the last penny from poor widows, better in a TV Evangelists pocket after all.  Get a sexual predator called Joe Smith to find some invisible plates in the New World create a new religion behave like the old ones,  call the leaders prophets (profits) indulge in killing and sexual depravity,  split the religion in two.  

Anthropomorphising Gods is nothing new, humans have been doing it since we fell out of evolution's tree and this can be seen in most religions that man has dreamt up. Aggrandising ones religion by adding theatrics like; miracles and creation stories to keep the populace impressed and scared stiff whilst waiting for some apocalyptic event to happen is another trait of religious belief. Little Gods and little books to keep little wishful thinking minds occupied,   I do not have any problems with religion just the arrogance of the people that proclaim with absolute certainty that they and they alone know what their God(s) want because it ‘is always exactly as they wish it to be’.  Religions subvert democracy, brief against rationalism and modernism whilst portraying a caring, peace loving front that is simply a lie.  The aim of ALL religious Empires is World domination by and for the clerical elite and for the defeat of democracy.    

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