For a while I got really into reviewing the worst music I could possibly find. I felt like putting some of them up somewhere, so some parts of this review refer to other reviews or songs, but just understand, it IS part of a (short) series.

The Stanky Legg ~ G-Spot Boyz - Official Video - Lyrics

I had a few more reviews lined up to do next, but I just couldn’t let this song slide. Unfortunately the horrific nature of this song was calling out to me (from down the hallway, with the volume and bass turned up to ridiculous levels).

The first time I heard this song, I thought that it was honestly the worst song I had ever heard. Though clearly in the same vein as Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” in that it was a terrible song attempting to teach a ridiculous dance to upper-middle class suburban teenagers, it was actually much worse. The lyrics, believe it or not, were LESS interesting that those in “Crank That”, and the beat, a universally terrible part of almost all songs I review, was sub par, even for the genre. Luckily, I never encountered it again. I looked for the song on youtube, and it didn’t seem to be terribly popular, at least nothing like the explosion of Soulja Boy’s fame through video. So, I thought a crisis was avoided. I would never have to hear this song played, and I thought that other people had finally recognized that this was truly bad music.

That all changed today. From down the hall, in the room inhabited by one of the worst causes of the noise pollution in my dorm, came the monotonous and repetitive sound of:

“Do the Stanky Legg
Do the Stanky Legg
Do the Stanky Legg”

Yes, that is essentially the chorus. I mean sure, there’s a few “Bitch I’m wild!”s thrown in there, but the chorus really just seems to be a lot of commanding me to do the Stanky Legg. That’s with two Gs, of course. Why conform to normal English standards? This is poetry, and as such, artistic spelling with a significance relevant to the piece in question is perfectly acceptable.

For fun, I suggest reading through the lyrics while listening to the song. It’s really quite life changing. I would just like to point out some of the most important lyrics (or the apparently important ones, as they are the one’s repeated most often, and isn’t that the point of repetition? To really get the significance across?).

So here are the lyrics that are repeated over, and over, and over, in the hope that you will grasp their real significance.

“Do the Stanky Legg” – Repeated 3x in a row, three times per chorus.

“Hit the booty do (do it)” Repeated 4x at the end of the first verse.

“Woop da dee doop” – This apparently random line is repeated 3x in a row during the last verse.

I’m not going to say anything more about their name, the “G-Spot Boyz”, other than what the hell were they thinking? I wonder what Freud would say…

One listen through should be enough to appreciate the horror of this song, but I really think to truly understand just how amazing it is that anyone on earth has purchased this song, you need at least 3 listens through. The video clarifies some of the more ambiguous lyrics with giant closed-captions edited into it at times.

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Comment by pirategirl17 on August 18, 2009 at 10:31pm
I never thought I'd hear something worse than the Millionaires and Brokencyde, but this is worse than the two of them combined...

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