That's right ladies and gentlemen. Sean Karon AKA - VFXvenomfangx. A youtube personality known for his complete ignorance of both biblical history and science fact has been accepted by Jews for Jesus in New Your City as a missionary for their "Missionary Camp". He will be taking to local neighborhoods in NYC and preaching to young adults and children. If you've never heard of this person you are indeed lucky.

If you care to see how low the Judaism faith has sunk to enlist this clown, take a short look at just two of these videos. 


The Jokers Response To Thunderf00t

A response to a video questioning his knowledge and beliefs.




Venomfangx Apologizes to the Internets

A video he was forced to make under threat of legal action for knowingly using false DMCA claims to have videos he didn't like removed from another youtube users channel. He claims he's was ignorant of the law. It's funny how he is both ignorant of mans laws as well as that of his deity.


This guy even says in one of his videos that the Holocaust was part of the "Curse promised to them for rejecting their God".

The state of religion is a horrid mess and seems to only be getting worse. I don't expect much in common sense from Theism but this move is just complete lunacy.

This is my first post here on the nexus.I hope it doesn't seem to mean or rough. I just found this out and was very disturbed by it and thought, hey that's what my blog space is for. 


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