The 'Movement' is waxing something like another 'movement'

I was born an atheist. I took the training, but never got on board for Christianity, or Mormonism, or Catholicism, or any other ism. That includes atheism. Atheism as a movement is so much another religion. Just my opinion, but doesn't it just kinda reach out that way?

If it isn't obvious, I think religion is just a load of poop. I won't bore anyone with the rationalisms that surround one; I just don't get it, don't want to get it, but won't come to blows over it. It stinks like poop. Government is another form of religion as far as I can see. I sense danger there. Don't ask me, look to the, well, Spanish Inquisition for some clues.

Inobvious rant: Government needs to get out of the business of marraige. That's a religion thing. Let government worry about the social contract, the civil union and legal ties bit. Butt out of religion. When those in a civil union are legally united/contracted, they have what amounts to a 'happy LLC'.

I respect (to some degree or other) each individuals' opinion on religion and that sort. I don't like being told to think one way or another, like movements tend to want to do. Please enlighten me with your opinon, then move on, move on. I think of it as freedom from religion. I know others who think that way, too. But we don't meet or form a movement, we simply share our ideas with others non-judgementally. But I'm not against religion as long as it's not 'Imperial'. Respect needs tp be mutual for this to happen.

So all the talk of 'Intelligent Design', and gods and that ilk, is not something I want to join a movement for. Or against. I don't beleive. I know, I learn and I grow. Atheist Movement? Not so much. Atheist Enlightenment? I can dig it.

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Comment by Nate on September 14, 2009 at 10:08pm
I like your attitude, Will.
Comment by Will Anderson on August 16, 2009 at 12:37am
Jamien, Je doit commente a vous; when we form into militias of force, we must fight. That is what I am exactly not about. I fought (for the wrong reason) for the US in Viet Nam in '69-'71. I can no longer be that intellectually disengenuous. I now am about le influence
Comment by Jamien C ousey on August 14, 2009 at 2:52pm
So im guessing you never have played street fighter alpha. aism was my favorite. But in all seriousness I think we must gather in some way to oppose the theocratic. If we had no movement we would end up like atheists in Iran and the Islamic world who just killed for not believing in their state imaginary friend.

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