Faith – A firm belief in something for which there is no proof.

It all comes down to faith. It’s a simple word that pretends to hide someone’s belief in some ancient, mythical fairy tales. You might hear someone say, “That’s my faith. You can’t question my faith”. They expect some undeserved reverence by invoking the word, instead of pity for being fooled like a child is by Santa. Astonishingly, they actually pity you for not “sharing in their faith”.

Faith legitimizes the belief that a book written, revised and interpreted over centuries by men, is the inerrant “Word of God”. A hollow book adherents claim has all the answers, but only produces unanswerable questions. (God works in mysterious ways!) A wretched book of mostly immoral legends they use to justify hatred, bigotry, discrimination, misogyny, torture, and any other atrocities they can twist their “sacred” text into.

Faith legitimizes a person’s belief in some Iron Age creation fable instead of the mountains of evidence evolution has uncovered. They would rather believe some bad, accidental science fiction of an ancient civilization, instead of the simple, forever truth-seeking premise of the scientific method. Faith blinds a person to the facts in front of their eyes and gives them a convenient, yet empty excuse to avoid the heavy lifting of gaining knowledge and critically thinking.

Faith legitimizes certain people to speak for the imaginary god and enslave a flock to follow them. They are modern day carnival barkers selling a ring-toss game that no one can ever win. They can only thrive off the gullible with their smooth sales pitch that has been refined for centuries. They are the prison guards in the mind prison of faith, dutifully doling out the punishment of don't think for yourself.

Faith legitimizes a person’s belief in the sick and twisted fantasy of the End of Times. It’s the morbid hallucination written to influence and trick superstitious, uneducated people into joining a new cult 2000 years ago. Instead of looking forward to what advancements the future will yield, they look forward to some global genocide of humankind. Instead of hoping for our children's future, they are wishing for our children's death.

Faith legitimizes the belief in some magical afterlife, which is just the coward’s way of facing their own mortality. The snake-oil offer of an eternal ticket to “Funland” or the terrifying, empty threat of eternal Hellfire is injected like some narcotic drug they cannot live without. Their addiction to their dogmatic faith is a giant deadweight on the progress of humanity and masks the courage they lack to face the future and help shape it in the positive.

Faith is the most illegitimate pretext religion relies on to exist. It deceptively shrouds the belief in the supernatural and willingly promotes ignorant ideas over scientific facts. If anyone objects to the questioning of their faith, they are really just hiding their fear of being exposed as a fool who believes in the folly. We not only need to question their faith, but to shine a bright light on the consequences of their “Precious Faith”.

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