Stupidynamics, or Neo-[insert] socialism / fascism / theism / atheism

Or, (Occam's razor)^-1, the flipside.

The jury is out as to whether a brutal encounter with tragedy flips a person into religiosity or atheism - I don't think its a debate that will ever be settled, because I don't think there is an answer. It all depends on each individual's wiring. That thing that happened on 9/11 pushed me from indifferent agnosticism, to committed atheism with the realisation that there is nothing harmless about religion - that it is capable of randomly murdering anyone, anywhere, any time. I run into people all the time for whom that too was a chrystallising instant that led to abandoning all fantasies of god(s).

Conversely, there was no shortage of nutjobs clutching at the straws of new found religiosity or the most repugnant forms of superstition, reaching new depths of the gutter with the urban mythology about Wingdings fonts and "newly discovered" Nostradamus quatrains. These items STILL land in my email at least once a year, sent by some credulous moron who honestly doesn't know any better. I don't know what's viler - that enough cretins exist that such memes can become such virulent infections; or that some arsehole concocted them in the first place. Pranks ? If they were pranks, they were pranks on the same level as putting LSD in the milk at a child care centre. Amusing in theory, but horrifying if actually done in practice.

Neither reaction, being pure knee-jerks, can be viewed as rational, with the theistic one in particular going to extroardinary lengths of complexity in trying to deal with the incomprehensible - an inverse function Of Occam's Razor.

The current financial crisis has seemed to have a similar effect on people's psyches. Though the effects seem to be less theological and more political, it's still resulting in desperate straw-clutching and convoluted mangling of reality in the quest for some kind of answers.

The phenomena, as always, has split down the middle into lunatics on the artificial constructs of left and the right.

To the right we have a bunch of clowns emerging labelling themselves the Tea Party and the Oath Keepers. Disturbing in that they have a veneer of 90% common sense and common good to sugar coat and disguise the fact that the 10% you don't see is little more than a rabid lynch mob that would see no problem whatsoever with a world cleansed of atheists and faggots. Adding fuel to the nightmare, they seem to be little more than modern day brownshirts led around on a string by Fox News, oblivious to the fact that the shit has hit the fan because of the golden boys, from Reagan to W, they kept returning to power.

To the left, we have what at first appears as simply the same old Marxist et al. rhetoric churning away, business as usual, desperately trying to convince us that the ideas are all new (and failing). But a throwaway remark in another thread got me thinking - Socialists gloating about the financial crisis are like fundamentalist religionists gloating about about Hurricane Katrina or the Australian bushfires - we are all being punished for our wicked ways because we didn't listen to their holy men. Armageddon has happened, as foretold in The Book of Revelations. To an extent they are 100% right - under the socialist model, the financial collapse would never have happened. There would be nothing to collapse.

Again, neither side are rational in nature, both are knee-jerking in the only ways they know how. If things make no sense, keep muddying and complicating them until you've lost everyone and they all nod sagely in agreement, because if they do otherwise, people might think they're dumb.

We live in an asylum. The lunatics can't take something over they never lost control of.

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Comment by Фелч Гроган on May 6, 2009 at 10:27pm

First Stupidity Theorem: The probability of predicting correctly in total ignorance is zero.

Second Stupidity Theorem: The only thing you can learn is something you don't know. Third

Stupidity Theorem: You can't tell a man something he doesn't understand and expect him to make use of it.

--Dr. Wayne Batteau, Harvard Speculative Society

Originally created half in jest, they have only proven more profound with time.

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