She presumed we very religious because we are nice and decent family

I moved to very nice suburb in South West Florida. As always I will introduced my self and my family to neighbors. The are not too many family live in my block only four houses who actually peoples live in it. The rest of the house in the block have sign for sale or foreclosure in front of it. I have a neighbor next to my left side but he is rarely home and in front of my house was couples with three kids the age ranges 7,4,2. Well they seem very nice decent couples.
Today she visit us and brings some Easter goodies for my children ( very nice of her ) but it so funny when she asks us to join her and her family to go to church. She also mentioned that her church is non domination church. As usual I always try the best to be polite but her comment was more weird to me and my husbands rather than compliments.
She said " I brought this for the kids, Do you mind if we exchange phone numbers you guy seem very nice and decent couple so we could get to know better it has been awhile we do not have a good neighbor, We need to look up one another ( this one I totally agree with her ) if you need anything do not hesitate to call us. This is our phone number." while I am looking for a piece of paper so I could write our phone number. She invites us to join with her to go to church and we just said thank you. After she left I ask my DH why she presumed us for being religious just because we nice and decent family ( according to her ). I know the fact that we could not said it loud or being forward if we atheist because it might scared the hell out peoples. Probably religious people imagine atheist are horrible peoples and the only ways people are nice and decent have to be religious one. That is very sad isn't it LOL. Seem like they more living under coconut shell rather than in the real world or because morality value in society only base on scriptured world. This is just sucks.

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Comment by vivian on April 12, 2009 at 12:23am
My husband and I have an 85 year old neighbor who calls us all the time to do small jobs on her house that she can't do herself, and she is very good to our children and loves them like a grandmother. After living 3 years next to her and her asking what church we go to, do I sing in a church choir, ect., I finally told her we're atheist. She gasped out loud and put her hand on her mouth, I was worried she was going to have a heart attack. But after the initial shock, she said, " That's OK, I still love you guys". I know she was trying to be tolerant and I excepted it as that, but I felt alittle offended that she "still" loves us even though we're atheist, like I had said I had been in jail for murder or something. Oh well, I got over it and we don't really discuss it but she's still the kind little old lady next door that she was before I told her :o).
Comment by Buffy on April 11, 2009 at 8:40pm
People need to question their assumptions.
Comment by River Otter on April 11, 2009 at 11:29am
Take some time for them to get to know you all, and then lay it on them.
Comment by Charles Hollingshead on April 11, 2009 at 7:17am
Honestly, even if your were horrible people it would still be assumed that you went to church.
Comment by cj the cynic on April 11, 2009 at 1:54am
People need to stop equating being good with being religious. Clearly, it is a false assumption.

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