Sam Harris on Religious Modrates

Harris hits the nail on the head. Religious moderates are as culpable as any. Their god is immoral. Their holy book means exactly what it says. Fundamentalists have more intellectual integrity than moderates because they actually read the words as they are written, with rose colored glasses.

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Comment by booklover on May 10, 2011 at 9:29am
I have always wondered how christians can say some of the bible is the word of 'god' and ignore the bad parts and then make up other things.  'Jesus' according to the stories didn't exactly advocate Capitalism.  He also said to leave your family and follow him, so it doesn't seem like 'family values' to me that christians talk about.  Everything just snowballed along the way and it seems like a Lot of christians think their bible just fell from the sky all nicely put together by 'god'.  Not even close.  Ignorant men put it together and it's been revised and translated to death.  I guess they just pretend as hard as they can, or they're dumb.  I can't ever get an acceptable answer from anyone I've ever asked as to why they believe.  It's usually 'you have to have faith'.  I don't know what that could possibly mean.  If you have faith then it's true?  Wow!  Then I have faith that my son doesn't have type 1 diabetes (which is an auto-immune disease, totatally unrelated to type 2).  Oh wait, he still has it.  Guess I didn't have enough faith.

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