Religion - The House of Insanity built on a Foundation of Ignorance

Maybe it’s getting to me, but all the stories of cult leaders raping and swapping children and wives; Mormon fathers beating their daughters; Muslims stoning to death a 13 year old rape victim because she lost her virginity; Catholic bishops making a 9 year old rape victim carry to term: etc..., you start to wonder if the insanity will ever end (and how). Now I’m not naive that terrible things didn’t happen before I became more interested in all this, but just seeing the shear volume collected on various atheist websites now can get to you. The cruel injustices in the name of "God" that are suffered by woman and especially children piss me off the most.

If anyone has read (or cared about) my comments, I tend to emphasize the incredible ignorance it’s all based on. I believe knowledge, education, and reason over the long haul will drag us out of what’s left of the Dark Ages. I know I won’t see it in my lifetime and my kids probably won’t see it either, but maybe… just maybe… someday…

On the flip side, this website does give some hope that there can be a community of rational thinking people to share ideas and stories. I find myself visiting this site first now to catch up on certain posts and blogs throughout the day and I am grateful for many of your insights. This is a House of Reason built on a Foundation of Knowledge.

I guess I needed to rant a little up above and appreciate your time reading it.

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Comment by Dave Rogers on July 21, 2009 at 11:24pm
I too was sentenced when I was 6 days old (as if I had a choice then) and endured 12 years of Franciscan Priests and the Sisters of Notre Dame. I can understand how primitive man created the gods to explain things and to fill in their mind-numbing ignorance and then ancient man wrote down, refined and disseminated the fables that existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years before. When the Romans picked Christianity in the 4th century as the only acceptable religion, (others punishable by death) it cleared it's path to become the monolith it did. The height of the Holy Roman Empire and the Dark Ages didn't coincide by accident. Its inevitable demise can't come soon enough for me.
Comment by Robert Tobin on July 21, 2009 at 10:42pm
Dave you have really summed it up. They only way people can accept religion is on BLIND FAITH. I should know as a bedraggled refugee from the "Holy" Roman Catholic CHurch, the worst religious organization other that Islam. I was born into a Roman CAtholic Family, however my sense of Logic and Reason took my away from religion. My stury of Science proved that religion is bullshit.

I have reasearched it all and see how all religions have been stolen from early religious myths, Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian. Jesus is copied from the myth of Horus. The Ten Commandments are from the 42 negastive confessions of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Blind Faith is stupid. I have friends, elderly people who are still Roman Catholics inspite of being disgusted with the changes in the Church, the Mass and, above all child molestation. They personnly knew a man who was a priest and was forced to leave the Rmman Catholic Church. They knew him ehan he was a priest. He had been to their home. They still believe in god and Jesus. It is very sad.

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