There is an old Egyptian recipe for aged cheese that I enjoy making called mish. Today I made some and thought I would share with all of you how to make it as well. This is how you make should be noted you can use whatever kinds of cheese you want, be creative, and add your favorite kinds...this is how I made it.


Take a 1 liter jar which can be sealed (The best are the glass ones with the metal screw tops)


8 Table spoons sour cream

1 Table spoon salt

chopped jalapeno peppers or any hot peppers (be creative)

One teaspoon yeast for active culture


(the cheeses I added but you can add different ones)

Two slices silton blue cheese (they come in wedges)

Two slices ramano cheese

One slice cheddar

One slice pepper-jack

One table spoon fetta


Then once you have all your ingredients mixed together seal the jar tight and put it on your counter for a few days (do not put in fridge). After a few days you'll notice some water start to rise to the top. Open the jar and pour it out and reseal the jar. After about a month of pouring the water the rises to the top every few days its ready to eat. When you want to eat some just spoon some into a bowl and put it in the fridge and keep your stock jar sealed. As you eat it just continue to slowly feed your mish by adding a few small pieces of cheese here and there and maybe some new sour cream as needed for consistency.


Mish goes well with crackers or dried crunchy pita bread.

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Comment by Jill Merrell on May 15, 2011 at 12:17am
This sounds unbelievably good! I'll try it. Thanks for posting

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