My Two Bibles are the Human Rights Act and the Equality Act.

Hi folks;

I am a returning member from Scotland I have been active on a UK TV channel 4thought (Faith Religion Morals and Ethics) for some time but have come to realize that there really is a world wide struggle against primitive ignorant slavish theocracy and dogma but in truth I also missed you guys,

I wrote this in response to a post that quoted from their little blood soaked book of horror aka the bible and it got me thinking just how backward the UK really has been. It has only in the last ten years or so that the UK Government has repealed Blasphemy Laws which were as repressive as any third world Islamist country, passed The Human Rights Act in 1998 and only two years ago the Equality Act  

My Two Bibles are the Human Rights Act and the Equality Act.

Both require an element of faith but neither requires fawning prostration. Both contain awe-inspiring ideas but neither claim to be a miraculous panacea. Both contain the idea of moral good but not one threat of eternal damnation, they are both healing and inclusive not damaging and divisive. They are not guided by Gods but by humanity’s own desire for good and protect us from primitive religious ideologies of repression and ritual. Neither is born from religious dogma but spring from democracy’s very heart.  They may not be ancient texts but they offer us a real promise for the future. The have no promises of a  seat at the side of a God  after you die, just a good feeling whilst you are alive.

This could be equally said about your own Constitution.

Glad to be back.



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