Mondo Diablo Episode 296: Flame Wars with Francois

This week, Francois takes over and rightly so, for this episode belongs to . The gentleman blogger describes to us how Star Wars in superior to Star Trek in every way. Now, before you send ME hate mail, let me tell you that this podcast is full of the hatemail Mr. Blogger gets. It brings out the child, the dreamer and the racist in these guys. Not that I agree about Star Wars, but I just don't care enough. I'm a girl.

Franc 1
Imperial March on Jew's Harp
The Empire Strikes Back Soundtrack - The Imperial March... FUNKIFIED!
Hatemail 1
DJ Zebra & Bagad de Carhaix - The Imperial March Da funk (Live @ Panoramas 2009)
Aruto Snow- Imperial March on Alto Flute
Hatemail 2
Richard Cheese- Imperial March
Vitamin String Quartet- Imperial March
Hatemail 3
Rage Against the Machine- Imperial March
Kuricorder Quartet- Imperial March
Hatemail 4
Aphex Twins- Imperial March (abridged)
Hatemail 5
Imperial March on trumpet
Metallica- Imperial March
Hatemail 6
Imperial March on Mario Paint Composer 2.0
Imperial March on ukelele
Hatemail 7
"The Hersh"- Imperial March on piano
Imperial March Hardtrance (Hardstyle RMX)
Hatemail 8
Imperial March techno remix (abridged)
All Your Bass- Imperial March
Franc 2


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Comment by Yusuf Said on February 2, 2011 at 2:30pm
Commander Uhura was a xenolinguist who spoke many alien languages, she had a really important job. The mini-shirt idea was just to add sex appeal to the show, but the same could be said of the skin tight men's uniforms, and the fact Captain Kirk was shirtless every episode. I think even the TOS was ahead of it's time in gender roles.  
Comment by Rev Hellbound Alleee on February 2, 2011 at 2:24pm
Interestingly enough, Star Trek OS did what many other "good" real science fiction stories do: completely ignored basic social change in gender roles. Oh, sure, Star Trek NG and such managed to get it together. But in the era I was always amazed at how the imagination was so severely limited. Put 'em in miniskirts and give 'em a headset: that's Woman's Work.
Comment by Yusuf Said on February 2, 2011 at 2:10pm
Let me break down why Star Trek is infinietly superior to Star Wars. Star Trek has a strong appeal to education, and encourages people to learn. I personally became a scientist because I was so inspired by the characters on Star Trek. I know from going to countless conventions that many other scientist, engineers, doctors, and computer programmers feel the same way. Star Wars does not inspire anyone to go out and study anything as the careers in Star Wars are fictional. You cannot go to college to be a Jedi or a Sith. Star Trek has also inspired technology to evolve. In the 1960s on the show they used what look like cell phones, laptops, and ipads. The show inspired engineers to go out and invent those items revolutionizing the world over. Star Wars has made no such technological innovations, nobody has gone out and invented a lightsaber or an R2 droid. Also Star Trek teaches strong moral ethics to be equal and fair despite race. Star Trek promoted civil rights in the 60s by having Nicole Nichells (sp) appear as Commander Uhura the first black woman on television with an important job. In fact the entire bridge crew was diverse but they all worked together in harmony. We see no such ethical teachings in Star Wars which apply to real life. To be concise Star Wars is an excellent movie, Star Trek is an excellent way of life.

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