This is somethimg I thought would be interesting: Write a creation myth. It doesn't have to be the creation of this world it can be the creation of a fantasy world, alien world, etc. You can have one god, many gods or no gods.

Heres one for a story idea I had that would probably be allot better off as a game scrip.

In the beginning there was only void and from the void came Phoenix and Lóng. Phoenix and Lóng battled, from their battle came Air, Myst, Cloud and Earth. After 200 years with no sign of victory for ether Phoenix or Lóng the two separated and flew to the opposite ends of the world.

With the chaos of the battle over the Air, Myst, Cloud and Earth settled. The earth fell and the clouds rose. Earth came upon Phoenix and produced Magma who lives below the earth. Cloud came upon Lóng and produced Rain who fell to Earth and produced the seas and rivers. Phoenix rose from the earth, came upon the Cloud and produced Lightening. From the great spirits came the animalia and from the earth came the gigants. The great spirits came upon the gigants and produced the humalia.

In this time the great spirits ruled in peace led by Phoenix, Lóng and Void.

In time the humalia became jealous of the the great spirits power and sought to over throw them. In a great war the humalia battle the great spirits and sealed them in 8 temples at the edges of the world. Having taken the power if the great spirits the humalia battled for a thousand years until two factions remained. The last factions battled in a great battle till one was victorious.

The last of the losing faction escaped the battle with a child named Human. She placed Human in the care of a great mountainous gigant to raise and protect. When Human grew to adulthood she ventured out to get revenge upon the victorious faction - the last of the humalia. She ventured to the edges of the world to free the great spirits and ask them for their assistance and power. The last of the humalia saw this and sent fore gigants to stop her.

One by one she slew the four gigants. She cut through the roots of Vine causing him to collapse into rubble, from his corpse grew the vines of the world. She drowned the Coral in the sea, from his corpse the coral and plants of the sea grew. She set Meadow and Forest a flame with arrows of fire, from the green fur of Meadow grew grass and flowers and from Forest grew the trees and bushes of the world.

With the four gigants slain Human released the great spirits who lent her their power to slay the victorious faction. In a great battle she slew the the last of the humalia one by one until the last and greatest remained. Human and the last humalia battled causing storms and earthquakes across the world.

Weakened and tired Human dealt a fatal blow to the last humailia. As he fell to the ground the last of the humalia cursed Human saying: "May your children be weak and with out power, may their bodies decay and die, may you only know sorrow at their deaths!"

Satisfied in her vengeance, Human started building a new civilization. She had 10 children , 5 boys 5 girls who cam together and produced 5 races. The 5 races where collectively called "human" after their mother. But her children lacked the power of their mother, they grew old and died of age. Seeing her children, gand children and great grand children glowing old and dieing filled Humans heart with sorrow. In sorrow she left the world of humans and joined the great spirits.

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