I am an American Indian, and this is funny as Hell

I love our government! The federal system - I pay lots of taxes, have an off-reservation business, and never really minded even though I knew they spent a lot on their little toys - but the shiny buttons and uniforms were nice.

So the old ones like me, we still sit and smoke our pipes in the lodges... and we always approved as the young people sometimes went and got shiny uniforms, and we paid this tax with solemn dignity - as it was only money.

Of course, last year when a friend of mine who swears his lawn is made of "Oak Trees with Crewcuts" and has marine tatooes which contrast with his butt-floss breechcloth and snow-white skin (but oh I think he knows Willie Nelson thus I am not complaining). (we smoke with the pipe that bubbles... sometimes :)

That's a google pic, but I think you can capture the essence. He's the same, just... uglier.

But, this man Sam, the ugly man mentioned his boy in Iraq, who had already been wounded and just went back again after barely getting to know his baby son (divorce - a sadness, while he was gone) (hang on, funny is coming, I promise).

This large fat naked ugly old man with a big red shrapnel scar stood and walked to his overalls, pulled out a picture. It was a cell phone picture, but very clear in the bright desert sun. Here IS a real pic, OMG but his non-lawn trees are worth the price of seeing this five times a night (small bladder, big thirst)

It showed two frames on one sheet - first a pallet of being loaded on a military cargo plane in Iraq, the lift truck was being driven by an Army officer. The second shot was of a knife cutting into the pallet, revealing it was made of $100 bills. This was enough of a surprise that two of the men at the smoke made a sound - very uncommon - as they saw the pictures. Do not bother little government man to try to find this picture - we burned it and there were no copies kept, and burned the young man's phone (the picture was not sent, but the phone was brought home by a young man returning to us with a missing limb). We destroyed it together, each with a turn at the hammer, and burned it in the smoke lodge we share many long months ago to prevent your silly evil thoughts from harming us, government man. We are not blind to your ways and your ability to reach us. We will choose our battleground this time, you will not. This is one of them little government man.

To continue. It was a very interesting picture. It caused me a laughing-pain of joyful anger (your white words are not suitable and you do not know the human (Cherokee) language-of-spirit-truth).

A change happened, I became strong with anger, and suddenly no longer able to pay-tax-with-joy and brought two things, a medal and a photo of my own the next smoke-sharing... and my Dad's purple heart mounted in the case on his flag. This was always my hope - I want one of these when I retire:

I knew then my Uncle's predictions from long ago were right - he said that this day would arrive (he had the sight and BIG medicine) were coming to pass... You see, he saw the wild screaming badger wearing a cross and killing the young men and women.

He spoke this spirit-dream, and he said the white man was as human as we (this caused unease - for it was new truth to us) and as a human being was not bad, but that a bad white man was an animal, a greedy vulture that killed it's own children and ate them rotten and slick, and a great sickness. This was true - we knew such men in our dream-memories of the bad years, and white men in suits could never be trusted in business or trade. This was obvious, no discussion followed (he was in the council circle - I was a young boy).

Now you see, the white badger is revealed. This economy problem? Not causing we poor people to suffer - we know poverty as a friend and constant companion. But we celebrate it reaching into the large homes built upon graves of our ancestors - the badgers came out and those ones I will call the "Bush Baby" conservatives revealed their true selves:

And LOOK, the skin opened and the animal within wearing the skin of a human being emerged! Oh the laughter and the joy of truth revealed HERE ARE YOUR SENATORS AND THE WAR INCORPORATED COMPANY PRESIDENTS WHO TOOK OUR JOBS AND FACTORIES AND KILLED OUR CHILDREN FOR NOTHING AT ALL


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