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While looking up a story for a Friend on here, I found the originator for the story. It is a UK based group called, “The Institute for Study of Civil Society” or CIVITAS. Their web address is:

They also have free e-books. One is titled:

Crimes of the Community:
Honour-based violence in the UK
James Brandon and Salam Hafez

This is from the Centre for Social Cohesion.
As the title states it is about “Honor” based violence in the UK. This is not just limited to the UK but found around the world. Even in the US. And is not limited or directed only at women.

Other topics available on their site for your reading are....
Virtual Caliphate
Islamic extremists and their websites

The ‘West’, Islam and Islamism
Is ideological Islam compatible
with liberal democracy?

Something you might want to browse.

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