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Guy or girl, Black or white, fat or thin,

They all can be good or sinful within

Throw your religious books in the bin

Cause Homosexuality is not a sin


What if homosexuality is a orientation of a few?

You can Keep your marriage insecurities with you

law needs to give homosexuals what is their due

So that homosexual marriages  sound nothing new


Not a harmful perversion  that has to cease

Homosexuals need nothing but a release

From the stigma, bias, pity and the tease

We don’t cure something that’s not a disease


Homophobes need a consult in psychiatry

Some have a distorted view of morality

some are in adamant denial of reality

Others have repressed homosexuality

But all are a threat to the society.

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Comment by Daniel W on May 19, 2012 at 12:15pm

nice poem!

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