My son, John, said: 

From the perspective of the dinosaurs,

we already ARE living in a post-apocalyptic world.

It's divergent thinking. It's thinking outside of the box. It's the ability to value divergent thinking. It is puns. It is creativity in every day activity. It is acknowledging that differing and unusual "answers" can all be correct. It is looking for new ways to use old things. It is spontaneous, random, enriching, and, ultimately, it is a new perspective.

This is what it is like to homeschool John.

I have to admit, I am always learning how to be a better parent.  But there is one thing that I have always encouraged and enjoyed seeing them develop: divergent thinking.

We have a game we have played dozens of times, a game that the kids always want to play whenever friends join us for dinner. LOL The game doesn't have a name. Maybe we'll brainstorm a name for it the next time we play...LOL.

Here is how you play. It is a great game to play while you are waiting for dinner to be served, on an airplane, in a waiting room, on a long drive, or hanging out. Choose an object. Any random/common item will do. Take turns coming up with as many different uses for that item as you can possibly imagine. The more outlandish, the better. Silly, creative, divergent.

As for the object, we have used spoons, thimbles, those little numbers restaurants give us for waiting, keys, a straw, a salt shaker, and many other items. Every day things, really. Then we do everything we can to create hew ideas...mostly to make each other laugh!

As for John's outside-of-the-box thoughts, I'm sure you have a child or two who frequently astound you with thoughts and ideas that are unique and clever; I am often laughing with delight at his questions, pronouncements, and new ideas!

What have your kids said lately that has amazed you??????

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Comment by booklover on May 22, 2012 at 8:52am

I homeschooled my son since 4th grade, and since there is no diploma in IL, he took the GED and passed the 1st time.  He is starting community college in the fall.  My daughter never wanted to be homeschooled and went through our public education system.  She didn't want to go to community college, and went straight to a state university. 

My daughter could read at age 2.  No one taught her.  Her grasp of the English language is exceptional.  She can't do math to save her life.

I totally agree with Write4U that the US is way behind many countries in our educational system.

Here I think you get out of it what you are willing to put into it.  Also, some people are good in some areas and not in others, no matter how hard they study.  In IL to go to a university, I know you are only required to get through Algebra 2.  Calculus? Forget it.  My daughter will take many advanced-classes for her major, and went into university with a full semesters worth of credit, due to taking AP classes in high school, but she will only have to take one college-level math class to receive her bachelors degree.

@Karen~ That is a really neat game you play.  On a show called This Old House they always take an odd tool, and the men stand around an try to explain what it's for (sometimes very silly, but creative!) before one of them actually explains its use.

Homeschooling can really encourage creative thinking.  My son built an awesome gaming-computer by himself.  Unschooling.  Where you find something you're interested in, and teach it to yourself.  Parents just provide resources.  We did a little unschooling.  We used a variety of techniques.  I'm really proud of the way our kids turned-out.

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