Come check out my new post ripping on creationist literature from the Worldwide Church of God. I'll give you cookies if you leave a comment!

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Comment by Little Name Atheist on July 21, 2009 at 2:32pm
What kind of cookies?
Comment by Dave Rogers on July 17, 2009 at 12:00am
To think that trees were wasted for this 41 page pamphlet is almost as sad as the fools that read and believe it. You replied to someone else earlier today about having the facts in these religious arguments. I totally agree with you. I was about to reply similarly and got sidetracked... What does "really matter" is that the Stone Age beliefs these people spew are called out for what they are: A dead-weight anchor to mankind's progress.

If Evolution vs. Creation were made up of players, here's how I see it: Evolution - Scientific Knowledge, Evidence, Facts, Reason, Freethinking, and Openness. Playing for Creation - Ignorance, Dogma, Myth, Superstition, Obedience, and Intolerance. We all need to keep chipping away at the 2000 year old head-start Creationists have.

PS I'd like some of those Anti-Theist Oreos please! ;-)

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