This was also posted on my atheist blog, Cubik's Rube.

This is a great article, which further serves to intimidate me regarding the task of coming up with my own article to summarise my thoughts on the recent anti-vaccination nonsense. It makes the case strongly and succinctly that the people continuing to push a link between vaccines and autism are behaving reprehensibly and irresponsibly, and are not entitled to endanger people's lives in the way that they're doing.

The recent news of the deal made between Oprah and Jenny McCarthy highlights how important this still is, and bodes very ill for the future of the death toll associated with this appalling and unscientific movement.

Bleh. It's bedtime, but I don't want to leave it on such a depressing note. Play them out, keyboard cat.

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Comment by unholyroller on May 6, 2009 at 11:03pm
Jenny McCarthy is a blithering idiot and Oprah has become a sell-out ala Sally Jessie et al. People need to get over their obsession with having the "perfect" child. I understand that a certain amout of mourning is done when expectations are not realized, but shit just happens to good people and not so good always has and always will. My eldest granddaughter is autistic and she's just fine the way she is. She constantly amazes us..the family and friends who love her...she made the honor roll last semester..her journaling is incredibly mature and insightful. And yes, I also realize that Laurel is much higher functioning than a lot of these kids. Do we waste our and her time by trying to find someone/thing to blame? Nope. We just deal. People who would deny other's children of the immunizations that are literally life-saving are no better than child abusers. If they want to whine about their "sad luck" I say go for it....just stay out of other parent's business and keep their snivveling to themselves. Concentrate on assuring that these kids have the best life matter what their level of function and learn what that they can teach us.

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