Do you worry about how A|N presents itself to the world ?

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9/11, nutjobs, selective blog editing and Clarence

This has reached a point of ludicrousness that is on par with the worst nutjobs I have ever encountered. However, it is not something I feel can be ignored nor dismissed as a troll, because it is disseminating bad, even harmful, information; dressing it up with fraudulent academic credibility; and now slandering individuals that could be identified.

I am all for the right of lunatics to speak freely. I will even fight for that right, even if it is not in my best interests. But I am not for the right of lunatics to freely spout bullshit, and then silence any kind of dissent to their lunacy. And where lunatics stop being amusing is when they start accusing identifiable individuals of being accessories to conspiracy to murder, as in the case of accusing former employees of the Ace Elevator company of smuggling a 100 tonnes of "nano-thermite" into the WTC and painting the buildings core load bearing structure with it prior to the buildings being brought down by hijacked planes [*].

Now most of us enjoy the odd lunatic a la David Mabus / Dennis Markuze, where everyone gathers around, pokes him/her with some sticks, has a laugh and moves on. That's OK, we know they are lunatics, there is no ambiguity. The situation is markedly different when it is one of our own, and the lunacy they spout does stand a chance of being taken seriously by the less critical amongst us. There is also the serious issue of what does it do to AtheistNexus' credibility as it is seen by the outside world ? I certainly do not want to be associated with these kinds of voodoo merchants, nor would I want anything to do with a site that encourages them.

You will not be allowed further opportunities to cast dispersions on my dime, Mister. -- Alex Donovan being told in Clarence-speak his commentary is now prohibited

The original thread is here -

Due to the the thread being edited selectively, and the possibility of it being deleted permanently as well, I have archived what could be saved in the attached -

I am posting it here because clarence can't manipulate it here, and it also won't fall off the topic list as quickly as from the front page - where he insisted on splattering it in the first place. Relevant issues are collated below, gathered from the discussions. The whole thread needs to be read to be believed.

[*] - For people having trouble visualising this feat, this is a typical 200 litre drum next to an average sized person -

That means ~ 500 of these were moved into the buildings occupied by ~50,000 workers, the contents liberally smeared all over the place, and nobody noticed. Oddly enough, for all the bizarre details that 911 conspiracists nitpick over of stuff found in the rubble, incinerated shells of chemical drums are never once mentioned.

[Please direct pertinent commentary to the forum copy of this post (full details are posted there)]

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