Every few months I forget how stupid my creationist relatives are and tell them about something new or exciting in evolutionary biology. I don't know why I do it, because every time it sparks a "discussion" for two hours that makes me face-palm every couple minutes. Last night my mother and I talked about evolution which was a monumental failure of a discussion.


The following mantra was repeated by her through out the conversation no matter what I said.


"They never found the missing link".

"God doesn't talk about evolution in the Bible".

"Darwin thought we created ourselves".

"Evolution means we came from nothing".

"There are no fossils of one thing turning into another".

"Darwin admitted he was wrong so why believe it?".

"If we came from monkeys why are there still moneys?".

"If it was true monkeys in the zoo would give birth to humans".


Nothing I said to refute these statements seemed to matter, as they kept being repeated anyway. When I would come close to making her position look foolish, like when I said "the Bible talks about unicorns are they real too?" she would just get angry. Then after her brain had time to devise a reason why her flawless book spoke of unicorns came back with "well those parts might have been someones interpretation of an animal". Then I said "No god speaking in the first person talks about unicorns", then she got angry again and changed the subject to threats about how I would be sent to hell. People like that are mentally ill, and she is no exception. They refuse to listen to reason, ignore evidence, get angry and throw a tantrum when their position is questioned, and refuse to learn new information. The ironic part is she said I was in denial because 'I know god exists but refuse him' and that 'I needed help'. I cannot stand the idiocy of my family, they are beyond ridiculous to talk to about reality.

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Comment by Shannon on February 15, 2011 at 9:39pm

Intelligence does not coincide with atheism.  Culture and indoctrination has a huge effect on people.  If you have created a 'thought crime' you have placed a person in the most torturous of traps.  It's ok for 'god' to give you eternal life and burn you without any hope of redemption

'forever'  for not being good enough.  That's not being an atheist just not being good enough.  Tell me that's not a form of mental torture.  Try hard to have a little sympathy for the intellectual and emotional bind they are in.  Even though they give you grief- you get to walk away.  Their torment happens whenever they have a second of doubt, every time they have to rationalize somthing awful as god's will, every moment they wonder if they are displeasing god by buying red socks and not white socks.  All in the effort to avoid hell and ostracism.  

Comment by Prog Rock Girl on February 10, 2011 at 8:48pm
If people are determined to believe something, they will conveniently block out any evidence to the contrary or talk themselves out of it. I've seen people get disproven, and then go right back the next day to repeating the same fallacy. Take it easy; you don't want to end up with bruises from all that face-palming.
Comment by John Camilli on February 9, 2011 at 8:48pm

I went to a link provided in one of the other posts here, to a live radio show for freethinkers. Since I can't remember who posted it, here is the link again: http://www.freethoughtradio.com/ . I very much recommend this site, on the whole, but pertaining to your post, last night's broadcast had a very poignant section that I thought you might appreciate.


A woman was discussing an occassion on which she was having a friendly conversation with what she described as some very kind-hearted Jehovah's witnesses who had come to her door. As she was talking with them, she mentioned that one of the main prblems she had with ascribing to Mohammedan religions was the blatant promotion of genocide in the old testament. There are passages in which God literally commanded his followers to massacre the men, women, childrem and even livestock of other nations, and she told them she just couldn't reconcile such notions to a just moral code.


She went on to describe how the couple calmly and understandingly rationalized the genocide with God's great plan. She sounded just.....sad as she described this process. You could tell she didn't dislike the people and that she felt genuinely sorry for these people who were so blind that they would invent and confine themselves in such elaborate illogic, just to go on believing as they believed.


Belief is a powerful thing. I suspect that humans make up belief systems to avoid the real conclusions that they come to about reality, or at least the conclusions they honestly suspect about reality. Their real conclusions are so dissatisfactory to them that they will cling with their very lives to whichever ideology makes them feel like life is worthwhile; whatever makes them feel like they have purpose. All I can say is that, in realizing that this is their ultimate purpose for being so full of denial, can you really be angry at them? They mi

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