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Whether it be the South Park episode or the venerated Lars Vilks who has risked life and limb to exercise his artistic freedom, artists, journalists, and people of the liberal tradition everywhere are being threatened with death or bodily harm for exercising a fundamental human right, the right to freely express one's own point of view without threatening bodily harm to another. In these cases the issue revolves around the depiction of the supposed "prophet" Mohammed of Mecca. I feel strongly that not only is it our right to criticize and/or lampoon religion and religious figures, but this act actually provides a public good by encouraging a plurality of thought and by calling into question unfounded and negative elements in religion and elsewhere, but I want to hear from you, where do you stand on human rights, and do you feel that it would be smart to lobby our legislative assemblies to abolish arcane "blasphemy" laws before the tyranny of the irrational roll back the entire Enlightenment and have us all living in a new global mediaeval time where censorship is the rule, not the exception.

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Comment by Bets on May 9, 2010 at 9:07pm
I agree. We should feel free to express ourselves. If one does not like the material, they have the right to put it down and not read it. The very fact that they are reading it and responding to it by threats and hatred shows their true self. In the nation of Islam, Muhammad told the Muslims not to idolize him yet their reactions when someone shows His image or lampoons him causes them to rise up as if they have idolized him.

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