And the Role of Satan goes to....Jehovah!!!

I have a lot of time to blog and think being in Egypt for the next few days. There isn't much to do here and between the call to prayer going off about every 3 hours, and people all around be saying "inshallah" (god willing) and elhumdallah (thank god) every 17 seconds I remember how much I hate theism. So it seems the god of the Bible and Qu'ran did everything in his power to hurt humanity. It's almost like he was auditioning for the role of Satan. Between spreading plagues, wiping out millions of people with a flood, inspiring genocide in his name, demanding sacrifices, causing a lot of suffering to the Egyptian people, sending bears to eat children, killing first born sons, torturing Job, making Jeptah murder his daughter, scaring Abraham and Isaac emotionally, and causing famine, I can't really see what Satan could have done better. I mean is the Satan character in the Bible and Qu'ran even necessary? It seems god does a great job as the horrifying villain that lays waste to everything in his path and causes death and pain wherever he goes. He even invents a giant fire filled torture chamber called Hell designed for suffering for those who commit the horrible crime of just not believing in him. Thumbing through the Qu'ran today I couldn't really find an instance where Satan causes any damage. I mean he literally from what I can see did nothing to hurt humanity except "tempt Eve to eat the apple". Of course all of this is fiction, but you have to think about the theist who take all of these stories as fact. If patterns repeat themselves and they do, shouldn't they be giving god the credit for all of the famine, war, and disease in the world today? That was his specialty in the Bible and Qu'ran, he must be an expert now at slaughter and causing disease. I mean after all he caused it back then, why did he suddenly mellow out?

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Comment by Yusuf Said on January 10, 2011 at 5:50pm
Someone on Atheist Nexus posted a blog about this and it makes sense. IQ probably plays a big role in questioning religion. Think about it, the smarter you are the more curious you are about the world around you and the more likely you are to question answers. The average IQ is 100 with a 15 point standard deviation, which means normal people are between 85 and 115. Now let's say you have an IQ of 130 which is fairly gifted and you're arguing with a person who has an IQ of 100. There are 30 IQ points between you and that person. However, a mentally retarded person has an IQ starting at 69 and below. Suppose the same normal person with an IQ of 100 was arguing with a retarded person with an IQ of 69 about the existence of Superman. That normal person would become frustrated really quickly as the retarded person would continue to insist that Superman is real. Well the difference between the normal person and the retarded one is only 31 IQ points, so it's not that different from the difference between you and the normal person with 30 IQ points difference. So arguing with "normal" people about the existence of god is futile because they don't have the intelligence to grasp the concept. You are simply more advanced than them mentally and they will never see your argument.
Comment by 1311 on January 10, 2011 at 5:12pm
Hell Yeah, Joseph!  He should be tried and hung!  You know, if we lived back in the Dark Ages we would be so hung.  No,wait. Tortured.  No, wait. Burned.  No wait....the list goes on and on!  Long Live The Inquisition!
Comment by Yusuf Said on January 10, 2011 at 4:56pm
LOL @ 1311 I feel like if god were to ever reveal himself and be proven real the next step for us would be to devise a way to put him on trial for crimes against humanity.
Comment by 1311 on January 10, 2011 at 1:57pm
If I had to choose, I choose to be on Satan's side. LOL! I was brought up to know the bible from cover to cover so when I read what you wrote above it cracks me up because it's so freaking true! And when I brought those awful facts to the attention of my parents they would get all mad and say that I should not be questioning God. That God in his infinite love and wisdom knows why he does the things he does. That I should go now and repent of my sin for asking such blasphemous questions in the eyes of the Lord.

Then I would say something like, "Yeah...OK...Whatever!" Then I would get hit with whatever was around, a wooden spoon, a shoe, a book... Good times...good times...:)

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