Ain't it odd that some of our Christian friends have been homeschooling their children or (for the teens here) that have friends who have been home schooled are like super Christians now? I do. and I feel that it's just wrong to keep a child in an environment full of lies. I, myself, have my share Christian (and other religious) friends, and the majority of them have little education about life,(REAL LIFE). I have been telling my friends how REAL life is without any of the religious Mumbo Gumbo, even though it hasn't truly gotten me anywhere with them. (but I try!!) i feel that being so isolated from the world has made them dull, boring and religiously annoying. they should have fun without worrying about the watchful eyes of a false god.(Fun-fun, not illegal-fun). so I say, lets rally them up and show them the truth. hopefully without force(laughing out loud).

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Comment by faith the atheist on February 28, 2010 at 7:36am
I'm homeschooled I hate it.My mother is very religious.I'm our homeschool group everyone is super religious nuts.All my friends are christian.They don't have minds of there own.The only reason I'm not christian is because of tv and internet science.All our books are in a christian view point so that they can brain wash us.
Comment by Gary Epstein on February 28, 2010 at 7:17am
Actually, I favor home schooling or at least vouchers so parents are not obliged to pay and take whatever the locla schools are offering. I had to move from my New England home in part, because school taxes were every year increasong far faster than inflation. Some schools actually have 120,000 a year atheletic directors. All paid with property tax dollars.

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