Recently, I've been engaging with my wife's pastor and a few other friends on Facebook about origins. I read Lawrence Krauss' book "A Universe From Nothing". When talking about these issues I always end up getting into a rabbit trail discussion about how Lawrence Krauss defines "nothing". Truly, as I understand it, Lawrence Krauss' idea of "nothing" is the quantum vacuum that allows particles and anti-particles to pop in and out of existence. What I've submitted to the theists is that it's just as reasonable to submit that this quantum vacuum has existed un-created for all eternity as it is to submit that God as existed un-created for all eternity. Although I don't claim certain knowledege as to whether that is the case or not, I only claim it's just as likely. But, the conversation then gets sidetracked over the term "nothing". I then have to step away from Lawrence Krauss and claim, "You're right it's not actually nothing. Lawrence Krauss just calls it that, however my point remains." Do other's find that calling this quantum vacuum "nothing" confuses theists more than aids them like I do? What are the reasons why we would call this "nothing"? I don't really see the benefit. Anyway, those are my thoughts for the day.

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Comment by Loren Miller on January 27, 2014 at 9:09am

What needs to happen here is a distinction between "space" and "nothing."  Nothing, to the average person, is NO THING, a complete absence of any sort of content.  Space, as it is being freshly understood by Lawrence Krauss, appears to be superficially nothing, but upon deeper investigation, space has PROPERTIES and BEHAVIORS which disqualify it from being characterized as nothing.

As Krauss himself would say, this is not intuitively obvious, but since we have observed it, we have to ignore our intuition or what we think we know and acknowledge the FACTS.

Comment by Michael Penn on January 27, 2014 at 9:05am

I see your point and it makes some sense. The theist, however, cannot get this idea of their god. To them god has always existed and was never created. He just always was. What they are not seeing is that this is the same thing as getting something from nothing.

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