I haven't been consistent in blogging, anywhere, ever.  So, it doesn't surprise me that I forget to write in here.  I always feel like I have important things to say, until I start writing.  Then, I feel like all I do is waste space and time.

Anyway, I guess I could waste a little space on a few of the things that have been in the news during the last few days.  As a culinary person, I guess I will start with the Paula Deen's "I guess it doesn't pay to be honest about making racially insensitive statements" events.  IF the only time she used that one particular word was 27 years ago, it would still be wrong.  But, I had previously heard the wedding story, about the kids and how she wanted them dressed, and the fact that she was concerned people would take it the wrong way if they heard it.  And, it would have been worse if she had lied under oath.  She told the truth, and it seems that if you can do that, and take the punishment, and seem sorry, people will forgive almost anything.  I didn't much care for the fact that she doesn't seem to understand other people's actions are not an excuse for her own bad actions, though.  And she sure seemed to want to play a god card if she could.  

Next subject:  Nelson Mandela is getting really close to death, I guess.  No one lives forever, even those whose lives make lasting impacts on everyone.  He was a significant figure in the 20th century, and is a sign that we can make a difference in the world if we are willing to stand our ground.  I am sure he will be missed, but not ever forgotten.

Next: The Supreme Court of the US handed down decisions on many things.  Yet, progress toward marriage equality is still a very slow process.  Fundamentalists on all sides are calling for new legislation to declare that marriage must be defined by what they believe, regardless of what the majority of the people in America think.  I heard that DOMA being repealed, at least in part, will help begin the demise of the US.  I heard on a Catholic radio station that contraception started the slippery slope to this.  Another reason for me to be for contraception.... I heard someone on the station say that traditionally, love was not the reason for marriage.  Procreation, and creating a stable environment to raise our offspring in WAS the reason for it.  I wanted to yell at the woman on the radio and tell her that the environment it creates by way of stress from having tons of kids frequently undermines the stability of a marriage....but she probably would not have seen it that way.  Last thing I will say about this is, same sex marriage has done nothing to personally undermine my heterosexual, "traditional" marriage.

Last topic: I know immigration laws cause a lot of arguments.  However, I feel that some of the steps the government is trying to do make perfect sense.  Kids who were brought to the US, who have not become citizens and have been undocumented most of their young lives, have major disadvantages they had no hand in.  It seems correct to me, at least, that they should be allowed and encouraged to become citizens, since they are as smart as anyone, and as motivated as anyone, to want to succeed and live the American way of life. 

Well, that is about it for now.  I will try to write sooner.  Have a great weekend.

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Comment by Michael Penn on June 28, 2013 at 7:32am

Here's my take on some of this:

Paula Deen: I'm not sure why she didn't see that this thing would turn around to bite her in the ass. You don't dress people like Shirley Temple and Bojangles anymore and have them dancing around. Maybe you do if you're making a movie. Stick to cooking.

Nelson Mandela: I'm sorry to see him sick and dying as well, but can we imagine him alive and too old to even know his own name? Certainly he is one of the most important figures of our century. Praying for him won't make any difference. Might as well flip a coin.

The Supreme Court and DOMA: People will kick this around for years! I have a few gay friends but don't understand all the issues. I'm not sure I agree with all the issues. What I do know is that WBC members (and others) claim that "God hates America because of homosexuals." This is why God is killing our soldiers, they say. That's funny. I always thought that when you had two sides fighting in combat, it would logically follow that some people would have to die.

Immigration: People just aren't happy with this in any form. Many think we should have cops running around "checking papers" but nowhere does it say papers should be carried on you. Even the "green card" is optional. DHS gives you a folder for it and says to "keep it in a safe place." Maybe this is because the local hick cop wouldn't know a damn thing about illegals and papers. "Green cards" are used for employment purposes only. DHS is the only ones that know about immigrants for sure, and there are so many different types of immigrants. If the complainers get their way, most of us will have to pack up and go back to Europe, giving the country back to the Indians!

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