I'm browsing Facebook roups right now, and I just found one called "I'M NOTHING WITHOUT GOD."

...That's just really sad, isn't it? They've just explicitly stated that they are nothing without God. It's like they see themselves as worthless. What about all the good things they have done? What about all of their abilities and accomplishments? How can you se your self as "nothing" without God?

It sure helps confirm my suspicion that most people use religion as a crutch and that they really, honestly believe that people cannot be decent and moral unless they're threatened by punishment. Usually it makes me angry, but this statement just makes me sad. It's like when you see a person who had a really horrible life, usually an addict of some sort, and they say that Jesus or God or being "Born-Again" saved them. Yeah, having a horrible life or an addiction is largely beyond your control, and most people in terrible situations need help getting out of them. But I think the whole "surrendering yourself to God" and "repenting" stuff just makes people feel worthless on the inside. It's like they replace one unhealthy addiction or crutch for another.

What about all that they did to save themselves? What about how they woke up and saw the light, and made changes to their lives? What about how they had the courage to seek help and face the past? I know that most people want to be reasonably humble and gracious, but... isn't it more empowering to realize that you saved yourself?

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Comment by Charles Cusumano on December 31, 2008 at 3:09am
It's all about indoctrination from “well meaning” but ignorant parents. Sunday school is where it all starts and hey grow up thinking that they are really nothing without god. I seem to remember a little group of kids that believed that they were nothing without their Fürher too.
Comment by Rev. Mathew G. Thompson on August 10, 2008 at 8:42pm
I coordinate a support group for alcoholics/addicts and just one of the things I stress is self-empowerment. You have previously surrendered your will to something that took control. Taking back your will and your control is what will save you, not surrendering your will to something else.

People are capable of accomplishing so much that I, too, find it sad that they see themselves as 'worthless' or 'nothing' without some god. They need to be shown that there are a lot of great people, throughout the ages, that didn't require a higher power to achieve great things.
Comment by Hessenroots on August 9, 2008 at 5:43pm
Excellent post Becky. I've seen a fair amount of propaganda following the same sentiment and it really makes me wonder if people honestly feel that way.

I suppose this is where people get the completely idiotic notions that atheists can't be happy, don't believe in love and have no morals. How could we without the awesome super goodness of jesus telling us?...

As sad as it is, it also makes me somewhat afraid, especially in regard to evangelicals. History has shown us time and time again that extremists and zealots of any order are a dangerous thing and generally susceptible to insanity.

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