An Australian man has just been arrested in England at the behest of the German government for the crime of propagating Holocaust denial. Now I'm certainly no supporter of that movement, but I very strongly disagree with the concept of criminalising their viewpoints on the same grounds I often repeat - the best way to discredit nutjobs is to let them loudmouth away to their hearts content.

This brings me to the point. If the general public seems to find it necessary to per/prosecute Holocaust deniers, shouldn't it also, in the name of fairness and balance, apply the same laws to evolution deniers ? The latter can, in very real terms, be viewed to be committing crimes against humanity by -

* poisoning people's, especially children's, minds with claptrap that pushes us ever closer to a new Dark Age and all it's baggage - extermination of heretics and geniuses, kangaroo thought crime courts, book burning, eradication of science and the surreal darkness of eschatology. Some of these are already happening.

* being fully complicit in continuing needless human suffering by prevention of effective technologies (i.e. stem cell research) to cure the presently incurable/irreparable; relentlessly blocking the right to die with dignity for those with terminal, often excruciatingly painful conditions; similarly, applying the same efforts to ban abortion irrespective of circumstance, to the extent of harassing or even murdering anyone involved with abortion clinics; blocking funding to 3rd world charities that promote condom use; etc., etc.

To my mind, in comparison, Holocaust denying clowns are laughable and innocuous.

So either criminalise both or neither. This is not a convenience store. There is no neutral stance on this. Claiming there is is both illogical *and* hypocritical. The crowning hypocracy of them all is if you support just the criminalisation of Holocaust denial speech, yet at the same time express outrage at the Muslim reaction to the Danish cartoons. That's worthy of a thread all its own.

I am not a member of many forums, I don't really have the time. But I give full permission for this to be posted elsewhere (unaltered) if anyone has the mind.

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Tags: holocaust denial, hypocracy, intelligent design


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