Friday, 26 September, 2008 22:00

Nilknarf Daily Haiku
existence might be...
but again, it might not be;
maybe forever.

Interesting day... or night, or whatever the hell it was.

I got to sleep about 19:00 last night, and woke up at... 22:30.

With the itchies.

Well, I had mentioned the three days without a shower, so I was able to stand up OK and shower, so I spent a half-hour soaking and scrubbing... no problem standing up at all.

Got dried off and still itch city....

Well, a side effect for me with hydrocodone is itching, and I had forgotten that.

I had been taking half-doses, because whole doses put me to sleep.

And that takes care of the itching problem... so I did that, and went back to bed.

I never really went back to sleep, though, and I finally got up around 08:00 and took my pills and ate some breakfast.

Not much in the way of back pain except for the fear factor, and very little coughing.

Got a call from the doc, chest x-ray showed no infiltrates, which means I got concerned early enough, heh.

Went back to bed about 11:00 and slept on and off until about 17:00.

Fixed some supper and watched the debate.

I thought that it was enjoyable, and as a debate, I couldn't call a winner, really. Except on courtesy points, which don't count... Obama was much more polite than McCain was, he should have spent more time yelling at his opponents' behaviour.

I was amused that McCain never answered Obama when Barak called him on lies... no denial, no apology, heh. Jackass.

I'm getting lonely... nobody wants my disease, waaaahhhh!

I think that I'm going to fell very much better tomorrow.

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