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Palin babbles; Iraq war a "task from god"

Palin speaking before her church (assembly of god church; IE dominionists) proclaiming the Alaska pipeline as "gods work" and the war in Iraq as "task from god".

90% of this is 'woo' and, honestly I find it a little boring but I don't think we need politicians in any seat of power thinking that war is tasked by deities. Her faith, her business...invoking ones faith as a means for national action becomes our business as citizens.

Thread to be found at Pharynglua.

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Tags: dominionist, palin, wacky yet frightening


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Comment by Eli on September 3, 2008 at 11:35am
Heard "her pastor" (as related on the radio show I was listening to this AM) going on about how Alaska was going to be a great refuge during the 'end times"...

this gal's a Pentecostal, the tongue-speaking, faith-healing, slappy brand of christian. I'll take Rev. Jeremiah's Wright's bitterness over literal views of the book of Revelations any day.

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