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I just got back from running an errand, I was picking up a few things at the local convenience store. When I got to the counter to pay for my purchases, I greeted the manager of the store (a woman, and an acquaintance) with; "Happy International Women's Day". She responded, "Is that what it is?"

2012 International Women’s Day

Human Rights cannot be addressed without the inclusion of all humans, irrespective of gender.

2012 International Women’s Day

Okay, yeah, I'm a guy …I'm also a feminist. Let's get this straight; to me, Feminism and Women's Rights are inextricable facets of Human Rights as well as basic human dignity and egalitarianism.

2012 International Women’s Day

Yes, I'm aware of the many groups excluded by the (absolutely untenable) label "special interest". A label universally applied by those who feel an entitlement to special privilege. These anti-human rights groups are entrenched in our media, political apparatus, religions, corporate power brokers, etc, etc, etc (sorry for the redundancy there, but …it's that ubiquitous a social maladaptation it bears repeating).

2012 International Women’s Day

As activist atheists, skeptics, humanists, …any label/identity that can be tied to "rational human", we have a duty to support and promote any and all aspects of all-inclusive, egalitarian human rights. That simple. We (atheists of both genders) are all guilty of sometimes forgetting this duty to some degree, even the most benign seeming faux pax will to somebody - somewhere, will be an issue of exclusion or marginalization. 

2012 International Women’s Day

At the other end of the spectrum there are examples of courage and sacrifice in the cause of women's rights every day. Most go unnoticed, ignored by a mainstream media that lost its way a long time ago. 

2012 International Women’s Day

Sometimes, an act of courage is noticed by those who recognize its importance in spite of being ignored initially by the mainstream. Last year Egyptian atheist, student and blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy posted a nude photograph of herself, announced it on twitter (#NudePhotoRevolutionary) and an atheist/feminism meme was born.

2012 International Women’s Day

Courage, this isn't an act of exhibitionism or objectification. Courage, this isn't an obscene act, offensive, or at the other end of the spectrum; a mere voyeurism opportunity for those who can't rightfully call themselves rational thinkers. This is an act of courage, it is also the seed of revolution.

2012 International Women’s Day

Solidarity for this act of courage was almost immediate and knew no borders, be they ethnic, geographic, gender, etc.

"Young members of the Worker-communist Party of Iran who live in Iranhave joined the scream! Since they would be executed for this act, their faces are covered with slogans saying ‘Long Live Women’s Freedom’, ‘No to Hejab’, ‘No to Islamic Reaction’, and ‘No to Gender Discrimination’. They have printed the calendar and pasted it behind them. This photo has made my day." Maryam Namazie

2012 International Women’s Day

Support for Ms. Elmahdy came not only from western countries and all parts of the planet, but even from an example of political polarity -> Israel and Iran.

2012 International Women’s Day

Atheist blogger Maryam Namazie came up with the idea to create a Calendar with nude photos of prominent atheist activist women in support of this revolutionary act. It was released today as part of 2012 International Women’s Day. 

Show your support for human rights, 2012 International Women’s Day, atheist women, free expression and the fight against oppression by purchasing a calendar here.

Some links and media:


#nudephotorevolutionary (twitter hashtag)

CNN interview with Ms. Elmahdy

Nude photo of Egyptian blogger is a scream against Islamism

Aliaa is not obscene; you are!

Israelis strip in support of Egypt blogger

Calling on all nude photo revolutionaries

Aliaa Magda Elmahdy and RAWA support it – so should you!

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She is… Blasphemy Day

Look at her

No No do not turn your look away from her

She is hope, She is life, she is love, She is the hearts desire

No, she is the power to survive

I missed you by the right of freedom

You who created existence

You are hope you are life you are love you are the hearts desire

You are the power to survive

The Awakening is you

The sunrise, is you

Wake up now… now…

Freedom… freedom… freedom…

There's tons more but, time constrains me from looking for more, so: Please feel free to add any links and comments, but, do realize that I will remove anything deemed ignorant, bigoted, sexist or just basically so stupid it's counter-productive; at my discretion.

Please support this, as well as any efforts to raise awareness of women's rights, today, …and everyday. If you haven't yet, subscribe to (or bookmark in your browser) all the atheist feminism blogs at Freethoughtblogs.com.

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