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EN-US"">Beautiful Atheists, I believe life is about truth. A truth that is in a very real danger of being smothered. Thankfully we share in this
truth: there is NO god. NO Yahweh. NO Allah. There are NO prophets, there are
NO revelations.


EN-US"">There's just us and our delightfully expanding universe, and this I believe should be beautiful enough for us all to find hope, peace, comfort,
power, strength and love. The beautiful simplicity of our brief lives, lived
fully, is a constant source energy and excitement. There is no each way bet.


EN-US"">There's NO afterlife. NO tranquil Heaven, NO Paradise full of mythical virgins for Muslim men to vigorously deflower. There's just you and your time.

EN-US"">That's why I'm here...I only have another 40 or so years left to do my best and get this truth out there. To wake up people and get their heads around
this simple concept.


EN-US"">This blog is a humbly presented beginning and this blog is a very definite call to action. It is a clarion call in the stifling, creeping haze of
religious sentiment. A call to mental arms to discuss openly with all your
friends the evils of religion in our society.


EN-US"">It's obsession with indoctrinating children, it's obsession with destroying real truths like Natural Selection and more generally, the fact that
despite their being a vast majority of people in Australia (indeed even in the
USA), who are registered as non-religious, all of these, at least half way
enlightened, people have no real voice.


EN-US"">The religious minority, the small thinkers, the 'Sky God' believers, the afraid, the weak.... these are the people setting political agendas. Mobilising
to ensure that their agenda is set in schools. Lobbying to ensure that they
have a say in setting public policy.


EN-US"">These people are deciding for you what your children will learn and read. Does their God have a place in your school? Yet these 'caring' believers
also peddle a series of bedtime stories written over 2000 years ago, amended by
countless rogues, emperors and kings, voted on by councils for their relevance,
and finally bound into a single book of sodomy, death, pestilence, vengeance,
obedience and guilt.


EN-US"">That human beings, that such wonderful creatures have been limited in their potential by such a narrow minded philosophy is too great a tragedy to
describe. And it continues....right now...That is why the ‘Sleepers Must


EN-US"">The Atheists, the Naturalists need to stand up and be counted. WE are the majority, WE have a say....but too often we say nothing. When we do speak
up, we're branded with the grubby trappings of non-belief, as if that were a
contemptible life to lead instead of the brilliant, liberating, life-affirming
state of Naturalism.


EN-US"">I say it's time to turn that around. It's time to get vocal. To ask questions. To hold them accountable. To ask why....then ask why again....then
again....and again. Let's get people talking and let's defend our own right to


EN-US"">I don't believe. Yet I am moral. I don't pray. Yet I do my best to treat others kindly and with respect.


EN-US"">I am an Atheist. And that my friends, is a beautiful word. Now let’s go wake up the others.

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Comment by unholyroller on February 11, 2010 at 11:38pm
Well said.

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