Is Death Final? Who Wants To Live Forever?

Death has always fascinated me. It is the period in this sentence. Death marks the spot where it ends and my life as I knew it, cease to exist. Or, doesn't it?

Below is a video on Exploring Life Extension from the Immortality Institute.

I want to live forever if such can be accomplished through science and technology. The idea of having my own clone/s on top of being immortal (depends entirely on future regulatory policies) is very attractive to me. I can be out fishing on a given day while my clone is off to a distant journey to our galactic neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy. There are just so many things to do in this observable universe that one physical body cannot possibly accomplish in one human lifetime. I want to meet Van Gogh and shake his hand. Or, meet the clone of Jesus (if he ever existed at all and if fossils can be traced) which is unlikely for he disappeared up in the sky! Oh. well let's just forget about that dude then. :)

Hope you watch the video and share your insights.

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Comment by Фелч Гроган on February 4, 2010 at 1:09am
I can't understand this lust for immortality, and I don't think those that thirst for it have ever really thought it through. It's like a child that wishes to live in a chocolate factory and eat chocolate forever. Transhumanism is a cult of human exceptionalism. It's philosophy owes more to religious yearning than to secular reason and it's babblings on the subject reflect it. It is also raw denialism of nature.

Consider - is a human Ship of Theseus still human ? To me it's a case of being careful what you wish for in case you actually get it. I am quite content with my mortality and my only real wish is a quick, painless and totally unexpected death.

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