Political Correctness =: Minority, Lobby driven, Blatantly Errant Pseudo-Psychology

Political Correctness has become a Religion for Naive Fools and Idiotic Politicians to Follow.

I have just read a News Release that they are now starting an entire Psychological Study in order to understand why Youth who were raised in dysfunctional, sometimes violent, parental or guardian environments appear to be more resilient when it comes to dealing with hardship and depression.

Those children brought up in nicely political correct and supportive environments, evidently aren't becoming stable, resilient youth and adults.  There is definitely something lacking in the political correctness child rearing algorithm, or maybe they have never done any thorough psychological research in order to verify that their concepts are right, before embarking on their idiotic campaigns.

Though I've known that Political Correctness is just a Minority, Irrational, Non-Researched, Idiocy for the most of my life!

It's Something I've been aware of for decades, because I and many of my most resilient friends had been exposed to such violence and family dysfunction in our childhood, As well as that, I read all the"Biggles" books ever written and turned out Anti-Racism, from reading them.

I'm a living example of the stupidity of Political Correctness being Completely WRONG!
When I attended school, we had the story books of the exploits of a British pilot and adventurer named "James Bigglesworth" who was nicknamed "Biggles" , who along with his faithful companions had adventures around the world, solving mysteries and sometimes assisting people in trouble. In a few stories they visited tribes in Africa and regions of India.
The entire set of "Biggles Books" was banned from public school libraries, because of some supposed Racism within its depiction of the natives.
I actually read the entire set of Biggles which I started reading from the ages of 7 to 16, yet, I became the least racist of all my family and friends, which is the entirely opposite of what their dumber than dumb pseudo-psychologists claimed would be the influence of reading Biggles to a child.

Yes, I'm absolute proof that those pseudo-psychologists had based their claims on minority concerns and not real, genuine psychological research.
Same goes for the vast majority of Political Correctness doctrines.
Political Correctness has become another Irrational Religion or Superstition which is based on blatantly Fraudulent and extremely Incorrect, Minority driven Pseudo-Psychology.

My own children were not shielded from reality, we often had friends who get drunk and had porn nights and violent videos, to which our children were often exposed to, but my approach is Education. I educated my children about Biology, Sex, Death from 4yo. They grew a dislike for porn and violence, they grew up Wholesome Honest Adults.

"Biggles" books actually gave me a deep respect for natives and their cultures.
I have many Aboriginal friends who are almost like family, and shared accommodation with people from Africa, Asia, China which has left me with long lasting friendships.
I'm extremely Anti-Racism, much of my respect for other cultures I gained at an early age from reading Biggles, because I had no contact with any other than white Caucasian people until my late teens, thus no experience with native cultures for the entire time I was reading the "Biggles" books, yet on meeting my very first Aboriginal friend, it was Instant Respect for himself and his cultural heritage.
Something I could only have gained from my book reading, since I was a massive "Biggles" devotee and avid reader of these so called Racism engendering books, it should have made me Racist.   My extreme early (youth) Anti-Racism is proof they were Stupidly Wrong.

We should make these Government and Semi-Government Agencies that police Political Correctness issues, demonstrate conclusive, well researched evidence before we let them pull their entirely Irrational wool over the public's eyes.

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Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on December 18, 2013 at 7:10pm

It gives me the impression that humanity has created it's own problems with it's now seemingly irrational concepts of dignity and modesty.

We are simply apes suffering a delusion of false dignity!

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on December 18, 2013 at 6:42pm

I particularly like a comment from Robert Sapolsky as to how one of the only sexual differences between humans and animals, is that humans need and seek privacy for sexual acts.

One wonders that if humans hadn't developed such sexual shyness and discretion, would sex be such an issue today.

Likely, sex would be a non issue, everybody would have been exposed to it, it wouldn't really be considered as anything more than spitting or picking noses in public.

If we banned spitting and picking noses in public, it may even end up as a sin in religion.

News Release: Priest  jailed for six months for picking his nose in public and excommunicated from his church.

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on December 18, 2013 at 6:28pm

I still get that age old myth that society keeps telling children, "You can be anything you want to be", from children that I know full well have squandered any chance of being much at all.

It's time that myth, used to keep children happy, got the flick!

They should learn the truth from the very start, as I fed my children from the moment they could understand that, we are only capable of being what we lay the groundwork for while we are very young, if they restrict their education and physical activities, they restrict their life choices for the future.

Thus my children chose their subjects and activities wisely, because they wanted to keep their options as wide as possible, both physically and academically. 

My daughter kept her options wide open until she was ready for university with her gaining a pass within the top 5% of the country as well as being a state champion in her favorite sport.

She originally chose a biomedical research field, gained honors, but found working in a laboratory stifling and extremely boring, now she works in medical and into sports medicine where she is extremely happy.

My son decided at 14 that he definitely wanted to be a mechanic or a car parts specialist and chose to do an early apprenticeship at 15, now he is a mechanic and a car parts specialist.

He did play soccer and badminton, and still loves playing soccer with his children and friends.

Both of my children are still quite physically fit.

Teachers and parents should not feed children with crap about being anything they want to be.

They should emphasize that if you want to be anything, keep physically fit, and try to learn as much as they can.

For those who suffer disabilities, they should be made aware of the scope that they can still achieve, which in some cases is much wider than they may have thought possible in the past.

Children need to be fed reality, not myths.

This is one of the most stupid aspects that appears to have arisen in our societies over the last 30 years.

Forgiving children for not striving to learn or keep fit and still feeding them the rot that they can achieve anything.

"Look kid, you squandered your fitness and health, plus never bothered to learn, yes, you still have a future, but unless you put in extra effort to get fit and educate yourself or cleverly find yourself a niche, it's not going to be very good!"

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on December 16, 2013 at 3:39pm

I'm not trying to excuse abusers, those who are on the serious abusive side and those whose abuse is sexual should be locked away.

Though for some like myself, it was a cultural form of abuse that people believed in the old school punishment was better than words.  By the time I was ten, I had lost count of the whippings I had received from my father, sometimes even my mother and most certainly the school teachers.

I believe I had ever yard ruler in the school broken over my butt, it was pretty hard by the time I was 11.  So my mother was also part of the abuse, but she was the softer and would often apologize for her actions, none of the others, especially my father would ever apologize.

The Headmaster was worse, because he added his form of psychological abuse, as he was already 6 ft, he would still stand on a chair to make himself appear more frightening to a 6 year old and jump down at you as he flailed his whip. 

He believed in trying to put as much fear into children as he possibly could is the way to punish children, instead, it pushed me into a shell, that it took a long time to recover from.

Yes, there is a lot wrong with the old school corporal punishment of children in schools, but, from what I have witnessed here in the last 30 years, the authorities had gone seriously overboard in banning all forms of violence, including literary violence and pornography from children's lives.

This sterilizing of children's environments introduces more complex issues and possibly leaves children ill prepared for life in the real world as adults who are suddenly exposed to everything that they had been sheltered from.

I see it regularly with young juveniles who grew up as sheltered (yuppies) and then they really hit the skids, drugs and even violence as they discover the adrenaline associated with risky, violent behavior and fear.  Something many of us who had been exposed to such adrenaline rushes throughout our childhood had gotten over.

Comment by Luara on December 16, 2013 at 1:13pm

One of the researchers, a Dr. Gartland believes that having a good, strong, relationship with one member of the family or an outsider, like a teacher is the difference.

If it's possible to have a good, strong relationship with someone in the family then it isn't a very abusive family.  If the child is able to have a good strong relationship with someone outside the family, then they haven't been abused very badly inside the family, because severe abuse destroys the ability to have good strong relationships. 

There are 2 different things here.  There is these researchers' theories about why some children come out of abusive families relatively intact.  Then, there is your interpretation of their theory, as it applies to you.  Those two things are not equivalent. 

I knew the triggers that set off my father and the headmaster, my mother taught me. I learned a lot about the psychology of dominant male apes in those years.

So your mother's way of supporting you was to teach you how to tiptoe around angry, abusive men, learn how to not set them off? 

If she was so supportive, why didn't she get you AWAY from those men? 

Abused children DO learn how to tiptoe around the abuser.  Battered women develop ways to try to placate their abusive husbands.  Girls who are molested by their fathers learn to be seductive, or they get fat to protect themselves. 

Anyone who is abused learns ways to minimize their pain in living with the abuser. 

Being resilient and not profoundly damaged by the abuse, is different from that.  If an abused child can go on into adult life and have relationships where they are neither being abused nor being the abuser, then they were not profoundly damaged by the abuse.  But what abused children tend to do as adults, is to recreate their childhood environment somehow - with themselves either in their childhood role of being abused - or taking the abuser role. 

And people who were abused often pretend to themselves and others that it's OK, it wasn't so bad, they are doing OK - because they don't want to upset themselves and others, they don't want to damage the relationships they have. 

That ALSO is not the same as surviving it, relatively intact. 

It's certainly true that some children come out of bad families, more intact than others.  I agree that having some outside person who tells the child they're OK and the abuse isn't their fault, can be a great help.  From my personal perspective though, I think a lot of it is genetic.  I found out when I was 43 that I probably had celiac disease and I had been profoundly psychologically affected by gluten and other food allergies.  The allergies made me much more psychologically sensitive, they made me a good target for sadistic people when I was a child, they made the past much louder in my mind when I was grown up.  And some children are for other reasons more sensitive and more malleable.  


Comment by Ficking Chucken on December 16, 2013 at 11:08am

And as far as trauma goes I don't think many of here have ever really experienced any REAL trauma.  For myself,

Father used to beat my mother and my older sister mercilessly, broke my mother's jaw twice, finally sending my sister away. Most probably it was because my sister was fathered by a BLACK man and in this part of Pennsyltucky I am sure my dad and his family (strong Catholics) could not bear there shame of a nigger-child in the family.

I went to 11 different schools in three states before high school.  The worst possible arrangement according to sociologists.

My sister was sexually abused by a step-dad (He is now classified as a Lifetime Sexual predator due to the fact that she was only his first and went on to prey on others after he and ma broke up)

Most of the time there was nobody around so I ended up raising my younger siblings, forgoing any real socialization of my own.

Little brother dies two weeks after I graduated from High school, devastating me because in one single moment I lost my brother, my son, and my best friend all at the same time.

I don't have much memory of the next 8 years because I was "lost".

I am so messed up I am now an ATHEIST!!!!!!

(That was a joke, I was an non-believer from about the 2nd grade on, a lifer in non-belief.

Comment by Loren Miller on December 16, 2013 at 11:03am

When you boil it all down:

We Are ALL Africans.

Comment by Ficking Chucken on December 16, 2013 at 10:54am

There is no such thing as a race once you get rid of the cultural influences.  Evolutionary biology has proven beyond any debate that there is only one race of human left alive on this planet (for how much longer is a subject for some serious discussion) and that is Homo Sapiens sapiens.  All the other "differences" that we "see" are just that, differences in how how genes express themselves phenotypically.  It is even kind-of weird to to describe oneself as 'anti-rascist'. This could infer that you hate EVERYBODY! But that is a quibble.  Read some of Steve Pinker's, and other evolutionary biologist's work (Dawkins is good but he sometimes skirts around the issue of race).  I also highly recommend the work of Cosmides and Tooby and their publications on evolutionary psychology.  It seems that there is no really distinct sub-culture in existence any where (or at any other time) that we know of or even frankly can conceive of.  The major book to read about this subject is (I think Dan) Browns "Human Universals".  While I have not been able to read this myself it is always heavily quoted by the authors above and in the back of Pinker's "The blank slate" he gives a list of all the things that every human culture on earth has in common with everybody else.  A real eye-opener about how you will feel about that "Other".


Truth is when we speak of 'race' what we are really talking about is breeds. As in "what breed of humane being are you?"  I find it highly offensive to be spoken about as if I were a dog and when asked this question on some form or another," What is your race?",I create a new checkbox and put down Human.  This debate is always led by the ideas that were derived from Creationist thinking and no longer deserve place in the debate.

Comment by Michael Penn on December 16, 2013 at 8:13am

Political correctness produces weird things that nobody thinks about in advance. A few years ago in tribal regions and third world countries the USA was trying to get new mothers to stop feeding babies breast milk. The baby should have this new formula to be healthy, and all you had to do was add water. Nobody stopped to think that most water supplies were contaminated anyway. American idiocy at work.

Joking with my own mother when she was alive, I sometimes made fun of her favorite show, "Dr. Quinn- Medicine Woman." I told mom that due to political correctness they were re-naming the show and would call it "Dr. Quinn - Medicine Person."

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on December 16, 2013 at 7:21am

So in the terms of being sensitized by abuse, if there in anchor to help sooth the abuse and help the child understand the reasons why their abusers become abusive (name the triggers), the child may not become sensitized, but may even become desensitized.

I knew the triggers that set off my father and the headmaster, my mother taught me.

I learned a lot about the psychology of dominant male apes in those years.

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