Why do so many people who have jobs forget how hard it can be to find work?  I know a lot of us are trying to find something, and are not having much luck at all.

My husband and I have both been out of work for more than six months. We both apply for work, in the fields we were trained in, and in other areas we are qualified for as well.  I have had more recent success than he has, if we are to base it on the number of interviews I have had.  If it is based on the ability to get the job, neither of us is successful.

When the economy went bad back around 2008, my husband lost his job at a light bulb manufacturing plant.  I was still working at a coffee shop, so we had insurance.  But we went from being able to pay our bills and living in our own home to selling our home and moving in with his parents.  Also, we both went to school to try and get retrained for careers we thought would help us be more employable.

Not finding work after school is frustrating.  The debt from student loans doesn't help.  Then, in the course of several months, applying anywhere and everywhere makes me feel like a complete failure.  Everyone I know tells me about every help wanted sign, every want ad, and every new business they see open.  They are trying to help.  I understand that. 

What actually bothers me are the people who think everyone who is unemployed is that way because they are lazy.  They think anyone who would put forth any effort should be able to find a job.  Or maybe, the people who don't have jobs are too picky.  We won't take whatever scraps are available.  That isn't the truth in a lot of cases.  I have applied for all sorts of jobs, from cleaning motel rooms, to dishwasher, to daycare assistant, to fast food restaurant,and anything else I can find.

I know there are some people who may not be working because they don't want to.  And I am sure there are some lazy people out there.  I just wish people didn't assume unemployed people were that way because we are bad, and that we all want to live off of their(the lucky ones who still have jobs) money.  I don't personally want to live off of anyone else.  I want to work and pay my own way. 

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Comment by Angela on July 2, 2013 at 11:33pm
Congrats on the new job! And Mrs, hang in there. Times are tough and I know it must be frustrating for you.
Comment by Mrs.RB on July 2, 2013 at 10:38pm

Well, congratulations.....Undercover Atheist.....your mission, since you chose to accept it, is to not talk about Fight club...no, wait, atheism and how out of line with facts christianity and other religions are....

Ok, I think it could either be a movie, or maybe a series.  Not sure who to put as executive producer.  I know Trinity Network wouldn't do it, though.

Comment by Michael Penn on July 2, 2013 at 10:09pm

I got that new job today just like I thought I would. Less money, yes, but I was told yesterday evening on the phone to bring valid forms of ID. This is a hint that you are "pre hired" or hired already. As I showed up for the interview today, conversation confirmed that I was considered "hired" already. I had plainly listed on the application that my old job of 18 years was ended because I was TERMINATED. That subject never came up in the interview. After explaining my duties to me, they gave me a drug test and had me fill out the important paperwork, including a form from DHS. I told them I was very familiar with Homeland Security as my wife is from Kenya. Then they wanted all that valid ID from me. I laid a passport on the table and was told that was all they needed. Everything about me was keyed into that passport which also came from government offices connected directly to DHS. This is the highest form of ID that an American citizen can have unless he is in government ops or some other government program.

When I said earlier "trading one Meramec for another" I was talking about that name being a part of both jobs, but they are not related. My new job is public service, and I'm a park ranger or security guard, if you will. When we don't work we draw unemployment guaranteed as long as we have a return to work date.

Paperwork done, the big boss came out and talked to me. I went to school with L. B. but hadn't seen him in years. We talked old times. It was like a family reunion. He welcomed me to his "family" and said they are all family there. Glad to have me aboard.

One funny thing here is that the old boss who fired me tried his best to see that NOBODY would ever hire me again. He doctored the paperwork. That's how bad this old boss was, and the issue never came up in this new job interview.

Another funny thing is that these people are all Christians. Maybe they know me from my past, but I have to watch my mouth now. I can hint about the myth in Noah's flood if it comes up, (along with other stories) but I cannot start those conversations. I could lose my job.

As of today I am indeed "The Undercover Atheist." Some just remember the preacher. Would this make a movie or a TV show?

Comment by Mrs.RB on July 2, 2013 at 7:45am

Yeah....Undercover Atheist....I like it....Trying to figure out which network would have the brass enough to show that one...sure, you can have Honey Boo Boo, and a million talent and cooking competition shows....

Comment by Michael Penn on July 2, 2013 at 6:27am

I'm also out of work, but soon that might change. Don't feel bad about yourself. None of this is really your fault. I'm aware that some people might think and say that "you want to live off their money" but just how is that true? Even if drawing unemployment, the money drawn is not "theirs" and doesn't belong to other people. It's an insurance paid in equally, and to be drawn by the needy and deserving during this bad time. So many want to make you feel BAD just because they have better fortune during a time that it seems you are down and out. This thinking is crazy! Better things will come along.

Even when things come out of a paycheck federally, there are some idiots that claim "better than thou" wanting to say "they are spending MY money." Really! How do you figure? Then try and find the form that allows you to withdraw "your money" and get it back. Sorry. That form doesn't exist, you spiteful person.

Something will come along, so don't let anyone bully you. It might even happen today! In my case, I have a big interview today, and if I get the job, some will say I traded "one Meramec for another." (I'll explain this if I get that job.) Problems in my way is that I would be surrounded by theists and would have to keep silent.

I can see it now. A new TV show. "The Undercover Atheist."

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