Rare type of gastric (stomach) cancer.   Health plan is slow about scheduling  the biopsy - will not know what to expect until then.  Surgery for certain.  Maybe chemotherapy.  80% chance for malignancy based on size - CT scan and endoscopy.  Size / shape is like an Idaho russet potato.

Somewhere I read, there can be denial, grief, bargaining, anger.  I feel none of that.  Just, it is what it is.  It's a notable moment, I guess.  But not like when I saw my parents' decline as real, or when I worked in a toxic work environment.  Those were horrible.  This....  just is.

Diagnosis came due to an episode of abdominal pain.  Searing, it dropped me to the floor.  Today, pain is not severe.  Which I'm glad about.  Burps, changing position, moderately deep inhalation are very painful.  Expect to be back to work on Thurs.  Apparently the sudden pain occurred due to hemorrhage, into the tumor.

I looked at my belly in the mirror today.  I think there might be a little bulge over the left upper quadrant.  That's where it's still tender. Not sure.

Maybe a few weeks to get the biopsy.  Stupid health plan.  Dumb, making someone wait so long.  But meanwhile, just continue doing the best I can.

Will update here when I know more.  Life has taken me many places, physical, mental, emotional, experiential, relational.  Maybe this will be one more.

Meanwhile, I hope I'm not in surgery when the honeybees arrive.  The hive is ready for them.

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Comment by Michael Penn on March 12, 2013 at 6:29am

Best of luck to you on that. I heard a few years ago that there was a certain type of aloe drink (pure aloe) that was good for that. Walmart even had it at the time. Personally, my cancer was basil cell. It was excised a few years ago and never came back. A black walnut sized growth behind my left ear, it's really not so serious a form of cancer. My family thought differently and felt sorry for me. I told them not to. It was no big deal. Later, I had a pea sized growth removed from my back. The doctor (a different one now) billed my insurance over $800.00 for that and it was a 5 minute job to remove it. I told him that in the 1980's it would simply be frozen off with liquid nitrogen - another 5 minute job. The doctor made a big deal out of the fact that it could be cancer. I told him "not to try and scare me with cancer." Once removed from my body, I wouldn't give a damn what it was!

You will need surgery and later some chemo follow ups. Your doctor will tell you that there's no proof aloe drinking does anything, but I had read it was even good for the pain. The problem is that I've forgotten the exact name of the aloe.

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